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Developers create solutions to problems in complex systems. "Health" and "Healthcare" involves an unbelievably complex system (the body), tangled up with an unfathomably real abstraction (behavior) and wrapped in a morass of systems, businesses, governments, and good intentions so labyrinthine in nature that it would make Kafka cry. If you love finding, creating, building and exploring elegant fixes to problems of mind-shattering difficulty in a collaborative environment then Healthcare Innovators is the group for you.

Things Healthcare Innovators does:

* Show off hacks we've built that transform health and healthcare,

* Share information on the nuts and bolts of developing healthcare technologies -- everything from hacking healthcare's many non-standard "standards" to building great UI for doctors and consumers to integrate with EHRs and consumer-facing solutions, and

* Talk about the core goals and problems of healthcare, and how to innovate faster and better outcomes for all.

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