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Whether you are looking to lose weight, maintain your weight, find a new exercise routine, incorporate nutrition into your meals, get off of medications due to your unhealthy lifestyle, find the energy to play with your kids or just tired of being tired all of the time... this group is for you. Two years ago I would have told you my overall health was fine. After all I looked to be about the same weight as all of my friends, I ate the same food as the average person, I didn't exactly exercise but I was active, even my Doctor told me I was average. Granted, I had sleep apnea, high cholesterol, acid reflux, I huffed and puffed going up the stairs, and I wanted to take a nap every afternoon... but so did everyone else around me. Then one evening while having family night with my two young girls and my wife, which meant renting a family movie and eating tater tots, corn dogs, and finger steaks with every bowl in the cupboard filled with a different dipping sauce, like ketchup, ranch, honey mustard, etc. it came to me. Literally, my 2 1/2 year old came to me with her cheeks glistening from the grease of the corn dogs and she looked up at me and said, "Daddy... go outside and push me on the swing... peees (please)... just one time". Usually I would just grab her and pull her into my lap and say, "but the movie is only half over honey... we'll do it later" which of course I never would. However, this time I didn't. I looked over to my 6 year old who's eyes had already glossed over watching Lightning McQueen and said, "come on lets pause the movie and go play on the swings for a bit". My jaw dropped as she whipped her head towards me eyes popping out and shouting, "OK!" They both ran to get their shoes, we went outside, and didn't come back in till bedtime. Four months later I went to my Doctor, whom I realized for the first time was overweight himself, and I weighed in 50 pounds lighter than my previous visit. He asked, "What did you do?" and I replied, "I was tired of being average". Although I have found my optimal weight my journey isn't over. I invite you to join my wife and I and hopefully many others in an attempt to learn from one another about ways to get healthier.

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Freezer Meal Making Fiesta!
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Natural Grocers

Wholesome & personalized group freezer meal making so we have "what's for dinner" for the whole week or month. Specialties include Allergy Friendly accommodations including, but not limited to gluten free, dairy free and paleo. Let's gather, have fun and leave with our Hearts and Freezers FULL. Cost is based on how many meals you want to make. $45-$90 for ALL supplies (minus food), organization & spices to make 10 to 50 meals (that feed 6 adults)! Combine orders with a friend to lower your cost if you like. This meetup is for anyone... *who wants to eat regular WHOLESOME, quick, meals you already prepared made of scrumptious meats, veggies & spices. *who is tired of asking themself "What can I make for dinner?" as they pace between the fridge and pantry for the umpteenth time. *who loves to gather socially to accomplish the mundane shopping/cooking tasks that are hard to accomplish alone or surrounded by a household with needs that pull away from those tasks. *who has food allergies or multiple people in their household with food allergies and/or find it difficult to feed the same meal to everyone. *who has had a loved one go through something hard and they want to fill that loved ones freezer with easy, quick, personalized, wholesome nourishment so they can focus on healing. *who wants to gather friends and split the cost to love on a preggie Mama before she goes into labor so she can focus on her new baby and not on slaving in the kitchen. *who wants to try something new, just to get out, have fun, spend less on groceries for a while and go home with a cooler load of yummies for the weeks ahead. Would any of this be helpful to you? Come join the fun!

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SHIFT Happens

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