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Be Pain-Stress-Free & Stronger Fit, FASTER+EASIER! New NBA For Health & Fitness!

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An Opportunity To Be Pain-Stress-Free, More Flexible & Stronger Fit FASTER & EASIER!

There are FREE ASSESSMENTS for Strength, Flexibility-Mobility & Postural Alignment!

An Opportunity to find out how to get results FASTER & EASIER!

Find out HOW with Eldon Wingay, RMT, NBA!


There will be a presentation-demonstration of the revolutionary Neuroflex Balancing Activation (NBA) Method For Health, Wellness & Fitness developed by Eldon Wingay, RMT, NBA.

NBA is an exciting, innovative Massage Therapy Bodywork-Fitness Fusion that is revolutionizing & accelerating the Health, Wellness & Fitness industry with its effectiveness & speedy results for accomplishing Health, Wellness & Fitness goals FASTER & EASIER!

If you are general population, a yogi, pilates practitioner or an athlete & have a specific area that causes pain or needs increased strength or flexibility-mobility, this is a great FREE opportunity for you to find out YOUR areas to be Strengthened, "Tweaked", Lengthened & Empowered!

There will be a Limited Number Of FREE ASSESSMENTS for Strength, Flexibility-Mobility & Postural Alignment! Find out YOUR areas to be Strengthened, "Tweaked", Lengthened & Empowered!

To secure & reserve your assessment, you must register & confirm early for this! Actions speak louder than words.

Call Eldon at[masked] to secure & reserve, then email confirmation reservation ("I will be attending the NBA presentation on ... at ...") to [masked]

Thank you.

Tuesday, June 21,[masked]:15 pm with Eldon Wingay, RMT, NBA at Kevin Kong Wellness Centre.


NBA is good for Pain Elimination, Correcting Postural Imbalances & increasing your Strength, Controlled Range Of Motion & Movement Efficiency very quickly-in seconds!!

It is suitable for the general population, pediatric to geriatric up to the elite athlete, yoga, pilates, dancers, movement/martial/performing artists to....Feel better, Move better & Perform better FASTER & EASIER! See it to believe it.

TO SEE/FEEL IT TO BELIEVE IT Register & Confirm For the Limited FREE Assessments early. Discover YOUR areas that need to be Strengthened, Tweaked, Lengthened & Empowered!

Call now[masked] to secure & reserve your assessment, then email confirmation to [masked]


"We discovered other potential problem areas, but he was very helpful in suggesting which ones to deal with first. As a result, I stopped my former lengthy knee strengthening routine and followed Mr. Wingay's short and simple physical exercises. Within a week, I was very pleased to have regained 90-95% normal functioning of my knee.
With my experience with Mr. Wingay, I have become much more aware of how to strengthen, use and care for my body, and am eager to learn more." David G. Toronto

"On Friday Aug. 12/2011, I had my first treatment with Eldon on my left leg. I broke my left leg severely on May 30/2009. My knee was dislocated, the posterior cruciate ligament was torn & the head of the tibia was shattered. This has left my left knee 29 degrees out of alignment & has caused complications throughout my body from my feet up to my spine.
Eldon's treatment has focused on this leg from the toes to hip locating areas of weakness & sensitivity progressively releasing numerous & complicated restrictions. Eldon's techniques were uniquely different which provided amazing and tremendous results in my increased movement, flexibility & stability allowing me much greater freedom in walking than I have had through any other treatment." Christine W. Toronto

"After my first appointment with Eldon (Neuroflex Balancing) I was very surprised at the results. While Eldon was working on me, I felt immediate results!! I am a Fitness Instructor and have many issues with wear & tear on my body. Eldon had worked on my right shoulder and foot unwinding connective tissues & releasing muscular adhesions." Michele W. - Richmond Hill,


An Opportunity To Be Pain-Stress-Free, Inspired, Freer, More Flexible, Stronger Fit & Balanced

... Be Neuroflex Activated For Your Health, Wellness & Fitness with Eldon Wingay, RMT, NBA!

Call now[masked] to secure & reserve your assessment, then email your confirmation ("I will be attending the NBA presentation on... at...") to [masked]

You may invite/bring friends. Thank you. Best regards. See you 7:15 pm Tuesday June 21, 2016!

(Make more than enough time to find/get to this place-(Aim for 7 pm) Kevin Kong Wellness Centre, 3680 Victoria Park Ave. Unit 8. It is on the north side of Sparks Ave. 100 yards west of 3680 Victoria Park Ave. enter second drive way, the centre unit 8 is ahead of you to your right, up the stairs)

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Location: Kevin Kong's Wellness Centre see