• Butter Chicken

    John's place

    This time we are teaching you how to make a simple but very popular Indian dish: Butter Chicken. This is a marinated grilled chicken cooked in a smooth mildly flavored, creamy and buttery tomato/onion sauce with a blend of various Indian spices. Once you know how to make this mouthwatering aromatic sauce, you can mix and match it with any meat or vegetable you like to make your own dish. This will go with any type of Indian/middle eastern bread (Chapatti/Nan/Pita) or simply a store traditional bread. Yum Yum!!

  • Baked salmon with veggie garden

    Cluddy's place

    Hi everyone, Are you a fish lover who wants to enjoy the vibes of a group cooking exchange? Well let’s enjoy the deliciousness of a salmon marinated with rosemary garlic infused in olive oil baked to perfection along with petite red potatoes and green beans side dish (cooked by John). Wine will be served, so please feel free to bring snacks to share while enjoying this fun experience. On the menu: - Fresh salmon - Baked potatoes - Green beans - Red wine P.S. I will be recovering from my surgery so having a nice group of people over would be amazing! I may not be standing much though. Feel free to bring a friend, but please RSVP so we have the exact count as this is an investment. Thank you and welcome!!

  • Spinach, pine nuts and mushroom pasta (with roasted garlic bread)

    Sorry we had to cancel this earlier due to bad weather. Your safely is more important, thus the reason of rescheduling. I promise it'll be fun. I will leave the RSVP open and you can pay your $5 contribution on the site. We will still be making this easy vegan meal ttitled above, there will be no instructions from me. One or two will be reading the instructions from the direction guide, so we’ll basically be making this all together as an illustration of how cooking can be easily done. I'll have some wine to go with this. I can only accommodate 10 (maybe 15) people dye to the kitchen size, so I'll eventually close the RSVP at some point. I cannot wait to meet you and have you over. Stay healthy!! 🙂 P.S. In case an unexpected event occurs, please change your RSVP to allow others to attend.

  • Ground beef quinoa (with veggies) and taco salad night

    I am organizing a dinner to let guests enjoy and learn simple recipes! I speak English and French, so this is another reason for having this gathering. I like good food and meeting new people. We will learn how to make ground beef quinoa, black bean taco salad, which you can all make at home. We’ll make our own salad dressing as well; I’ll have the recipes available to share. We’ll separate the ingredients to make this vegan friendly. So please join us as we’ll be educating each other :) My place isn’t quite big, so I’ll have to limit the attendance if need be. I have a decent size kitchen and living room for everyone to participate to the meal prep :) If the weather’s nice enough we may be able to use the patio and/or have bone fire. If you could carpool that’ll be great given that parking isn’t the best our street. Feel free to email me with any questions. Please be here on time...so you get to leave early and still get enough sleep. Sleep is part of being healthy haha P.S. Drinks will not be provided, make sure you bring something to share :) We can always mix a cocktail together if you let me know ahead of time as I do not have the tools (I am actually willing to learn how to make cocktails, so bartenders skills are welcome).