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What is this group about?

This group is about learning to cook healthy foods quickly. I expect the format of the ongoing meetup events will be a mixture of sharing specific techniques and favorite recipes, group cooking classes, pot luck dinners with recipes included, and feature presentations.

A little about my background and motivation...

I learned to cook from my mother, starting at a very early age. Back then most people ate their vegetables from a can, but my Mom liked to cook from fresh ingredients, and she passed that on to me. Forty years later, I now cook for myself and my husband several times a week and I've made it a game to see if I can get a good meal on the table within 30 minutes. I've mostly done this on my own but I know the best way to learn is to share with others. That's why I started this group - to teach and to learn about healthy cooking, and particularly to do it quickly!

Why 30 minutes?

A 30-minute meal is somewhat of a myth. Rachel Ray became famous for her 30-minute meals but there were two problems with it. 1) All her ingredients are pre-chopped or somehow prepped in advance, and 2) they aren't healthy. I've spent many years practicing converting lengthy, complicated, sometimes unhealthy or high calorie, recipes into 30-minute healthy meals. I take a recipe off the 'net or in a cookbook that looks yummy but has too many ingredients and/or too many steps, and break it down into it's most basic essence, and thereby create a much quicker version of the original without losing much in the way of flavor.

Catering to Special Dietary Needs

I also want to spend time with this group focusing on cooking for special diets. I am not a vegetarian but I like vegetarian food and do make it occasionally, but want to do more. My husband and I both watch our gluten intake so we will include gluten-free options of almost everything, as well as making delicious meals with lower sugar, salt, and fat content. Finally, I also love eating ethnic foods and have tried many recipes from around the world, and want to explore this more as well.

The key is to maintain a constant thread of cooking healthy. It's easy to cook fast when you don't pay attention to nutrition. Cooking a healthy, nutritious meal fast is a skill worth learning, and may well save your life (or at least your waistline).

So I hope you'll join me as I continue my journey of Healthy Cooking, help others learn the same techniques, and improve my own skills at the same time.

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