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Celebration, camaraderie, and connection for women practicing (or wanting to start practicing) healthy habits is the mission and purpose of this group. Whether you are making better nutritional choices, starting a fitness program, being kinder to yourself, getting more sleep, expressing your creative side, exploring meaningful work, learning to manage your time/energy/finances better or making any other positive changes in your life, you will find support, encouragement and socializing opportunities here.

Making healthy lifestyle changes has many benefits (that’s why you’re making them—yay, you!), but change can also present many challenges. Among these are social challenges. This is especially true if your social circle includes people engaging in habits and activities you are working hard to replace with healthier ones. Not everyone will understand or support your new choices, which can make practicing your new habits difficult around them: you want the company and friendship of other people, and you also want to stay in integrity with your new habits and values. When making lifestyle improvements, it helps to add people into your social circle who celebrate your wins with you, show empathy when you struggle and who understand why you're making an effort to adopt healthy habits in the first place. Surrounding yourself with supportive women who are practicing healthy habits like you are (or that you would like to start practicing), makes it a whole lot easier to relax and be true to yourself. It also increases the odds that you will genuinely have fun and enjoy yourself at social events!

My vision for this meetup is for it to be a collaborative and supportive community that evolves organically based on member preferences and interests. Events will focus on fostering thoughtful conversations and meaningful connections. Some ideas I have for upcoming meetups are:

• Healthy dining out
• Beach bonfires (when the weather warms up)
• Board game nights
• Hikes/walks
• Museum visits
• Deep dive into fun/interesting conversation topics (perhaps on topics around habits members are actively working on)

These are just a few suggestions and since this is your group, too, your suggestions are most welcome and highly encouraged.

Keep going with your healthy habits and I hope to see you at a Healthy Habits Hangout event soon!

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