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Rejuvenate and inspire your mind, body and spirit: Essential oils provide a natural approach to grooming, healing and your overall well-being. Essential oils have therapeutic properties that can be incorporated into your daily routine — from adding drops to your morning cup of tea, to de-stressing after a crazy workday in your bath. These oils are a natural source and can be used to alleviate allergies and sleeping issues. When used correctly, essential oils can even replace over-the-counter medicine to help heal your body and improve your mind. We use Young Living Essential Oils.

Come join us and learn more about some of the most common essential oils to incorporate into your routine along with their benefits.

This Meetup will empower you to use essential oils to optimize your health and well-being. The oils can be used as effective plant-based health support and also for daily emotional support whether it be for stress, anxiety, motivation and much more. The Meetup will cover the following topics:

• What is in an essential oil?

• Why 100% pure oils can be the most powerful form of medicine.

• How essential oils can powerfully affect your emotions through your limbic system.

• The effective use of oils against a virus.

• Why Young Living Essential Oils are different to other essential oils in their philosophy and their rejuvenating capabilities. How to use the oils and integrate them into your current lifestyle at home or at work.

• An overview of the most frequently used oils and their proven scientific studies to support their use.

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