What we're about

This group is for people who want to get healthy in body and mind and see significant changes within 1-3 months.

This is without resorting to faddy diets, starvation, replacement shakes/slimming products, starvation, or exercise that is inappropriate for where you are starting from. Recommended actions are also likely to impact on health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes (with appropriate consultation with your GP). This is also for people who want to overcome self sabotaging behaviours, improve their mood, sleep, concentration levels and have more energy for their life! This is very much for people who want to a better version of themselves so they can fulfill their purpose in life!

It's very challenging to get excited about your purpose and goals in life when you feel stressed, sad, exhausted, sick or overweight, so getting healthy will help provide the basic foundation upon which you can reach your dreams!

The approach to health and wellbeing is about taking a Holistic Mind, Body and Soul Energy techniques to achieve the best results. In addition to healthy eating and exercise this will include alternative and complementary therapies such as healing, practicing daily energy hygiene, and meditation. Too many of us are either stuck in our heads or blissing out on spiritual techniques to avoid dealing with our physical reality. As Dionnne Fortune said:

"Until the descent into matter is complete, the ascent into spirit cannot begin"

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Love Natasha

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