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We welcome anyone who is health conscious, wants to start building healthy drinking and eating habits, wants to learn about all the harmful products we use on a daily basis and how to avoid them. Many of us don't know that even if we are already eating fruits and vegetables, we are not helping ourselves because most of them are sprayed with pesticides that do not come off when we wash them with tap water. So, in fact, we are still hurting ourselves. Let's join together every week and find out how to start changing our habits, one step at a time.

By changing our habits we are also helping our planet by not needing bottled water which is one of the biggest polluter on the planet.

We provide our members free healthy water during each meetup and welcome them to take some home with them so they can continue to benefit from it when not in our meetup. We make sure that the meetups are held on a regular basis so our members continue to benefit on a regular basis.

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