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Are you interested in improving the quality of your relationships? Would you enjoy more peace and harmony at home? Would you appreciate more effectiveness and satisfaction at work? Would you like more ease in making decisions and/or expressing yourself? Or are you frustrated with not getting your needs met? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please join us as we explore heart-based connections, grow safe, supportive and non-judgmental community, learn and practice new and effective communication skills, and adopt ways of thinking that will support us to:
- enjoy heart-based relationships,
- increase authentic self-expression,
- live in alignment with our values,
- experience greater ease in decision-making, parenting, partnering, and managing
- experience the power of listening to and from the heart,
- let go of our stories, our shame, guilt, anger, and depression
- develop a vocabulary for expressing our feelings, needs, values, and experiences
- have fun as we learn, grow, reduce conflict and increase connection in all of our relationships-whether with our teenagers, our in-laws, our step-children, our employees, our partners, the folks we take care of, our neighbors-or even our own inner critic!

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Get Curious & Connect

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Register for this 90-minute virtual circle at the following Zoom link:

Get curious and connect with yourself and with others as you learn & practice the art of hearing with your heart!

I’ll email you a tool that you can utilize both within our circle and in your daily life outside our circle, to support connection and curiosity. It's helpful to print out this handout prior to our circle!

You can choose to receive empathy, to offer it to others (or both, if there’s time).

You’ll experience how Heart-Based Consciousness supports curiosity and connection while simultaneously eliminates judgement, creates safety and supports you to get what you need without having to compromise!

No prior experience is needed.

Bring your curiosity and your desire for success and satisfaction in your body, mind, emotions and spirit. Health and well-being begins with having a connected, loving relationship with yourself, which comes from having clarity about what you are feeling and needing!

Energy exchange donations appreciated.

Empathy & Compassion: Increase Self-connection & Well-being

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NOTE: In December, this monthly event falls on 12/25, which is Christmas. For this reason, I've changed the date to 12/18 instead (one week earlier).
Register for this virtual MeetUp at this Zoom link:
https:// zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEvcuurrzotGdImV1dEaq3bSX3ccZLhBHko and you will receive a handout via email. Please print out this handout and bring it with you to the event. We will utilize this handout during our circle to learn & practice empathy and compassion-the art of hearing with your heart.

You can choose to receive empathy, to offer it, or both, if there’s time.

You’ll experience how listening from the heart creates self-connection and safety, and can support physical health and well-being!

We’ll practice new ways of thinking and experience how these new tools and skills generate sweetness within our circle.

No prior experience is needed.

Bring handout, your curiosity and your desire for self-connection, health and well-being in your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies, in your life, and in your relationships!

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Empathy & Compassion: Increase Self-connection & Well-being

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