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Heart Centered Communication is an interactive, participatory group designed to teach the Fundamentals of Non-Violent Communication and actively practice essential skills to develop rich and meaningful connection with ourselves and others. Learning these skills empowers us to see the beauty in others even when they are expressing messages that can be hard to hear. Cultivate the secret healing ingredient of the heart that creates more connection, joy and success in your relationships. Experience the enormous freedom that results from implementing these skills into your life today! Join us!

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New Moon Reboot: Dancing our Emotions; Celebrating Our Superpowers
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New Moon Reboot: Dancing our Emotions; Celebrating Our Superpowers “The menstrual cycle think of it this way she writes: “Just before and during your period, the tide is out. And everything on the bottom that you don’t want to see will be revealed. Your true needs - for rest, for nourishing food, for pleasure, for nurturance, and more - are signaled by the depth of your emotions. This isn’t a bad thing. Experiencing anger, sadness, fear, or jealousy is a biologically supported opportunity to transform yourself. Use your emotions as an internal guidance system that directs you to your true needs. Learn the lessons feeling have to teach you. The ebb and flow of dreams, creativity and hormones associated with different part of the cycle offer us profound opportunities to deepen our connection with our inner knowing… … thinking differently about our cycles… and living with them in a mindful way.” Let us gather to detox and reboot our mental and emotional health as we join in dance and song to honor our bodies. Matriarchal cultures understood the power of gathering monthly to connect with the life force within. Whether you are bleeding or in menopause, we will access the wise inner healer for reflection and clearing. We will follow with a celebration of our Feminine ‘Superpowers’, mirroring the magic that each woman holds. This month, the Red Tent welcomes moon dancer, Amy Walker, who will be co-faciliating. Amy is an actress, singer, and inspirational/spiritual speaker. Trained and adopted into Nakota medicine ways, she cultivated moon dancing in Teotihuanàn, Mexico, and is a Kriya Yogi. Weaving many practices and teachings, she playfully guides others into their deepest, authentic self, in order to more fully express the divinity that we all are. NOTE: New Time Doors open at 7:00 p.m. and we start promptly at 7:30. We begin by creating sacred space. Containing this energy is vital to our process and latecomers will not be allowed in. We don’t want to turn anyone away, so please, be sure to arrive before 7:30. Also, take care to nourish yourself before coming so you are fully present and able to enjoy the experience. *** RSVP: Space is limited! Take advantage of the pre-registration special: $20 pre-registration. $30 at the door. Easy one-step payment: paypal.me/gretahassel (The account will be: Essence, Individual and Marital Therapist, Inc.) Your financial gifts go towards red tent fabrics, fruits, flowers, announcements, and monthly support for “Because I Am A Girl”. This program that ensures that girls living in the developing world have access to the most basic human rights to Learn, Lead, Decide, and Thrive. “Because I am a Girl” is driven through Plan International USA to transform power relations, empowering girls to become an agent of change, for herself, her community and country. When given the chance, girls can change the world with no limit to what #She Will Achieve. For more info, visit https://tinyurl.com/lnflj2a * * * WHAT TO BRING Red adornments and dress will enhance your experience. Bring red luscious fruits, red rose petals, red roses and/or fresh flower bouquets to co-create sacred temple space for us to bathe in the high frequencies of beauty together. Also, important to bring your favorite crystal that calls to your womb and feminine energy for the event and any special altar items to decorate, along with your journal to jot down inspirations and visions. * * * ABOUT THE RED TENT The Red Tent is a gathering of women filled with ritual and storytelling in celebration of women’s mysteries. We meet rhythmically around the new moon, symbolizing the time when the feminine was honored, when women came to a menstrual hut to bleed and share personal stories and wisdom. In the Red Tent, we celebrate our bodies, our rhythmic cycles, our ability to give birth, our tears, and our intuition. We celebrate our menstrual flow, the wisdom of menopause, the red thread through our matriarchal line, the ecstatic nature of our sex, and our divine uniqueness. We come together to celebrate our feminine power, the joy of our successes, our sacred vulnerability, our divine pleasure and our essential connection! * * * ABOUT GRETA HASSEL GRACE Red Tent Los Angeles is facilitated by Greta Hassel, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Intimacy Coach and Sexual Educator. Her Masters’ Degrees in Theology and Psychology uniquely qualify her in healing the painful split between sex and spirit. Greta facilitates playful, heart-centered, workshops bringing conscious sensuality to couples and singles. To learn more, visit www.gretahassel.com. * * * Location in a beautiful private home in Venice. Address provided upon payment received. Thank you! Savoring the Cycles of Our Lives, Greta[masked] (cell/text)

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