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Heart Chan represents an unbroken line of teachings and teachers, traced back over 1500 years at Shaolin temple in China, where Master Bodhidharma, an enlightened Indian monk traveling all the way from India to central China to spread the teachings of Chan, integrated and harmonized it with various local practices that led generations of practitioners to clarity, truth, fulfillment, and inner peace.

We are a group of practitioners following the teachings of the 85th Patriarch of the School of Chan, who dedicated his entire life to enable us to also be able to walk the path towards enlightenment. Through sitting meditation, we can transcend the limitations of our body, our conscious and subconscious mind, and to become in sync with our heart and uncover the most natural expressions of compassion and joy in each and every moment of our lives.

We welcome all of you to join our practice, the journey becomes much easier when many people work together and help each other along the way.

More information regarding our practice: http://www.heartchan.org/ .

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Introduction to Chan Meditation - Session #3

246 S Hillview Dr

This will be the third session of our 8-week Intro to Chan Meditation class that covers: • Step-by-step meditation instructions • Fundamental teachings of Chan Meditation • Integration of body, mind and spirit in everyday life The session is free to attend, and people from all experience levels welcome! NOTE: If you haven't come to our group practice before and weren't able to make it to either session #1 or #2, this will be your last opportunity to participate in this series. The rest of the 8-week class will be closed to newcomers as we'll be meditating longer and moving on from the foundation of the practice to more in-depth topics.

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Introduction to Chan Meditation - Session #2

246 S Hillview Dr

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