What we're about

Heart Tribe is a personal development support group, for anyone who wants insight, guidance and encouragement to create positive change in their life. Join like-minded people in a safe, supportive and uplifting environment. Heart Tribe was created and is facilitated by coach, personal development teacher and workshop leader Paul Scadding.

What do the Tribe say…

Why do you come to Heart tribe – what are you seeking?

“A desire to stay plugged into self -development and making permanent changes in my life.”

“I need to be around positive people.”

“Looking after my own wellbeing and topping up my emotional pot.”

“Paul’s positive influence.”

“To keep developing myself – nurturing and healing. Meeting likeminded people.”

How would you describe Paul and his delivery?

“Warm and funny”
“Fan-bloody-tastic, as usual!”

“As always a good speaker and a good listener and always positive. Too many words. Excellent!!!”

"Paul is a true diamond who genuinely cares about his work and is truly passionate about bringing out the best in you!”

“Paul is an exceptional human being - he really can help you change your life!”

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