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This group is for folks who are curious about what it might mean to live life as our True Self. If you want to explore that curiosity through creative processes, energy work, meditation and community, you will find a deep well of support and resources here. HeartScapes hosts meaningful embodiment-based experiences through which we learn to navigate life’s transitions, and integrate many aspects of ourselves to make positive change in our life, and in the world.

We host a variety of experiences, with an emphasis on Reiki trainings, Reiki-based meditation circles for people of all experience levels, a Reiki Community of Practice for practitioners, SoulCollage(R) classes, card reading groups and retreats, seasonal and lunar-based rituals, and a wide range of experiences in response to the whims imagination and needs of our members. We are Reiki Master Teachers, trained through the International House of Reiki in the origins of Japanese Reiki; SoulCollage(R) facilitators, and embodiment coaches.

Our home-base is in Davis, CA, and we regularly travel between Sacramento and the Bay Area to bring customized experiences to many communities.

Upcoming events (5+)

Transformation Circle with Shakti Rising -- FREE

1738 Pomona Dr

Transformation as a way of life ...is a core value, an essential orientation and the fire behind much of our work. specifically, a feminine-based alchemical transformation process that is about connecting to Life itself: following our soul/divine purpose, aligning with the life of the land (nature) and other beings, and the Shakti Rising within the collective. ... is about adopting a growth stance, and the practices that support this stance, and what occurs when we live our lives this way. It is not about fixing, avoiding, "figuring it out once and for all" or doing something once and "I'll be just fine."It is about the intersection between the concept that we must "be the change we wish to see," meaning hold the resonance of new and emerging possibilities, and that our work is at the level of the collective, or wisdom communities. Holding this paradox is only possible through growth mindset. This is the second of three FREE community circles, co-hosted by Heartscapes. (Self-Care Circle on May 9, and Gratitude Circle on June 6) Please RSVP. Contact Michaela Daystar for details: [masked]

Reiki-Based Meditation Circle

1738 Pomona Dr

"The story begins with our creation, formed from the energetic blending of heavenly energy and earth energy. Watch as light filters down to join with rising darkness, and from this muddy core a human shape emerges. Sitting there, at the centre of this swirling universe (brewed from dualistic elements), is humanity. This is how we were birthed, into a state of wholeness, pure perfection." ~Bronwyn Stiene Practicing the system of Reiki, in its original Japanese form, gently removes the barriers that block the inherent light of our True Self. As we engage the simple yet transformative elements of this practice, we move ever closer to the place of wholeness, non-duality and oneness that is or original state. In this weekly lunchtime meditation circle you'll be introduced to some of the breath and meditation practices that form the foundation of the system of Reiki. We'll create space, ease and groundedness in our day by taking these moments to be together in practice. Open to all, it is not necessary to be trained in Reiki to learn and utilize these practices in your daily life. The structure of this circle is simple, with easeful guidance in the meditations and basic conceptual framework of the system of Reiki, plenty of direct practice/experience, and time to ask questions and share experiences. You are welcome to bring a simple lunch to eat during our opening and closing check-ins. Guided by Michaela Daystar, Reiki teacher and practitioner in Davis. **NOTE: I'm test-driving this time slot during June and July to see if it works for folks. I welcome input on times/days. NO CIRCLE JULY 17TH, as I'll be out of town.

Gratitude Circle -- FREE

1738 Pomona Dr

In a world so often focused on scarcity and the pursuit of more, the practice of gratitude reminds us that we are, have, and do enough – More than enough! Although simple, gratitude has the power to fundamentally alter how we approach and experience life. It also has the power to forge connections, create momentum for action and serves as the thread that weaves people and communities together. Because gratitude is medicine from the heart for the mind, and we know it is fundamental to individual and collective wellbeing. Join us this post-Thanksgiving to dive deep into Gratitude as a radical practice. In this circle we will: learn about cutting-edge research on the impacts of gratitude, experience gratitude practices and build community. This is the third of three FREE community circles (Self Care Circle on May 9, Transformation Circle on June 6), hosted by Heartscapes. Please RSVP Contact Michaela Daystar for details: [masked]

Soul Tending: Monthly SoulCollage(R) Card Reading Group

SoulCollage® cards are a way to access and apply our inner wisdom through intuition, imagination and images. Essentially, they are an oracle deck; except, instead of consulting an oracle that is outside of us--like the Tarot or other oracle decks--we are consulting our own inner wisdom, our inner oracle, by creating cards that reflect conscious and sub-conscious aspects of ourselves. Creating SoulCollage® cards and discovering the wisdom they hold is a deeply rewarding experience.....But that's just the beginning of what a SoulCollage® practice can be and do for us. SoulCollage® cards were made to be used! The voices of our cards can respond to questions of significance in our lives, drawing out the deep wisdom and meaning we carry within us. Whether you have already started creating a deck of SoulCollage® cards, or have never made one before, join me for this monthly** SoulCollage® Card Reading Group to: ~Learn and practice a variety of methods for reading and consulting SoulCollage® ~Engage more deeply with the intuitive, creative, spiritual practice of SoulCollage® ~Begin or deepen your practice within a supportive community under the guidance of a skilled soul-whisperer *No Previous SoulCollage® Experience Required. If you do not yet have cards of your own, practice cards will be provided! Learn more about SoulCollage® and my practice here. **$10 - $20 Donation to the HeartScapes scholarship fund requested, no one turned away for lack of funds ***Group meets every second Monday of the month at my studio in Davis. Light snacks will be provided, and you are welcome to bring your own food if you like. Drop-ins welcome!

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Self-Care Circle -- FREE

1738 Pomona Dr

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