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Welcome! This is a mom group that's mostly about YOU, in the midst of your role as Mom. So maybe you've got one kid, maybe you've got ten... Maybe you didn't initially intend to become a mom, or maybe you've been trying to become a mom for so long... Maybe you've got a partner or maybe you're at it all alone... But here we all are. We are the mamas of this generation, and motherhood, in some shape or form, now defines each of our individuality. This is a group where we can rediscover our individuality while also supporting each other's mom-ness.

With our children so often reflecting our own state, we are about creating a heartspace of peace, prosperity, and purpose. You are loved here. You are valued. We share, we listen, we draw one another forward in strength. Let's have authentic, joyful times together.

We'll have one Mama's Meetup per month and one Kiddo's Playday. The Mama's Meetup is an organized forum over dinner, an art project, or walk in which we get to know each other as women, celebrate successes, and share resources, inspiration, and hacks for everyday "momming." The Kiddo's Playday is a freeflow event at a park or, when it's cold, somewhere fun indoors. Other relevant events will also pop up from time to time!

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Rock Painting!

Needs a location

Painting and hiding rocks is a fun trend that was HUGE in the town I lived in last - every time you'd go out you were sure to find at least one or two around town. It always brought such a smile! #meridianrocks and #boiserocks have Facebook groups here, but yet there don't seem to be many rocks hidden around town. Let's rekindle the wave and start to change that! At this event, we'll paint a whole bunch of rocks together, take a big photo of them all, then each leave with some rocks to hide around town. I have paints and brushes, but you are welcome to bring more. If you can, also bring plenty of nice smooth rocks for painting between approximately 2"-6" (most painted rocks that get hidden are around 3"). This is a moms AND kids event. Message me if you need the address (same as where we've been having our brunches). Before we meet up, feel free to post some photos of others' painted rock ideas that inspire you! #pinterest😊

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LOVED - a family fun concert

Deja Brew Laugh a Latte

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