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FREE Intro to Heartfull™ Meditation - 1 hour class (value $24)
Learn how to calm your mind and open your heart. The mind holds the part of us the feels lonely and separate from the feeling of love. Because it feels separate, it often feels lost and afraid. We don't really know how to help this part of us. Many of the solutions that we turn to only seem to offer temporary relief and often open the door for bigger problems. However, there is a solution and it actually exists within our own body. The very essence of us is the energy of LOVE. The energy of LOVE resides deep inside our own heart. That is why the heart icon is used universally as a symbol of the feeling of love. We are meant to turn to this part of us to heal and balance the mind and the body. The body holds both parts of us: the part that is lost and the part that can heal. In this meetup, we will learn specific techniques to help the mind learn to turn to the heart and heal this problem of separateness. We will spend time explaining each technique, explaining the philosophy and the science behind the techniques, spend some time practicing the techniques we are learning, give lots of examples of how and where the techniques can be used and also information on continuing education. You will also be shown how, using the techniques, to bring into balance aspects of your own story that you would like to change. All aspects of our story - relationships, emotional, mental and physical health, and even financial health can be transformed using these techniques. These techniques teach the body the natural energetics of oneness that the masters achieved through a life time of prayer and aspiration. The Heartfull Meditation techniques were created by Savitri, to guide the mind into a feeling of calmness and peace and open the heart to allow feelings of love, joy and serenity to enter our lives. Here is a short video of Savitri explaining one of the techniques. Call (425)[masked] with questions. PS. The techniques are so simple. Even a three year old can learn how to do them.

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The Heartfull™ Meditation techniques have changed my life. The practice of these techniques, have opened a door to a magical part of myself - the feeling of love in the heart. So often, one hears, "follow your heart", or “look into your heart", but there is very little information available that teaches one how to actually accomplish it. ​

The practice of these life changing techniques can help you get your Self back. ​They are like the instruction manual that you wished you were born with - the manual that contains all the operating information. With the practice of these techniques, you can begin to manage your emotions, your thoughts, bring real love into your relationships and even lift the health of your physical body. But best of all - learn to live from the feeling of your Self.

Heartfull™ Meditation was created by Savitri, co-owner of Alive and Shine Center in Bellevue WA.

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