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Sunday Group Meditation
Sunday is the beginning of a week. So why not join fellow practitioners, meditate and take this feeling of well-being into your week. We gather at around 8:45 AM at Hermanus Boexstraat, Centrum Eindhoven. We relax and get ready for the sitting to start. At 9:00 AM, the meditation with yogic transmission would commence. It would normally last for around 45-60 minutes. Note: Any effort and time that you spend, you would get it back.

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What we're about

Meditation on the heart has unique benefits. It allows us to tune in to our heart, and develop intuition, compassion, kindness and love. As we embrace a Heartfulness way of living, we develop a more meaningful understanding of life as it unfolds around us. We feel positive, appreciative and joy from life in all its expressions. Heartfulness practitioners also mention that they feel more productive and a sense of greater well-being especially when integrating the heartfulness way of living into their general life. Be it either professional, student, family or business life.

Heartfulness is a unique practice where participants are surprised by the difference that it makes when doing a self-meditation and guided meditation with the help of a trainer. With continued practice, most participants observe significant positive changes in themselves.

There are more than 7,000 Heartfulness Meditation trainers in over 110 countries.

We invite you to try Heartfulness Meditation and experience the extraordinary difference it can make. Heartfulness practices are simple daily exercises for our inner well-being. Just like physical exercises are for our outer well-being.


Free to attend. Bookings not required.

Who should attend:

People interested in Meditation. Participants do not need to know how to meditate or believe in any particular system or philosophy.


Heartfulness is offered at Eindhoven centrum and other major cities in Netherlands, popularly known as HeartSpots.

To locate a heartspot near you and for its timings, please visit

NOTE: There is a group of people who regularly meditate at this venue, who may not RSVP on the meetup website. You are most welcome to join us and find the benefits.

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