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Heartfulness is a simple, practical way to learn, to relax and discover the unlimited resources of the heart. Our entire life is led by feelings and inspirations, and that is the role of the heart. When we manage to listen to the feelings and capture the inspiration that comes from within, we can master our life. This is why meditating on the heart is called as the royal or highest form of yoga.

Our method addresses the root cause of our chatterbox thoughts and the associated stress it creates. This is for the seeking hearts, whether trying for first time or long-time practitioners. Ongoing support is offered, free of charge, in over one hundred countries.

Regular practice of Heartfulness meditation has the following benefits:
· Improved quality of life
· Relaxed mind
· Better quality of sleep
· Greater focus

For more information, visit our website: http://www.heartfulness.org/

There are no charges for the classes.

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