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Heartfulness institute offers a Heart-based relaxation and meditation to help us in our everyday life and be the best we can possibly be, in all walks of life.

Millions of people are continuing to benefit from our numerous Heartfulness sessions, in the comfort of their homes, work places, communities and our own Heartspots centers.

Heartfulness Meditation helps us pursue the path of fulfillment, excellence and perfection ! Would you like to experience the joy of your true nature? Then try Heartfulness !



1. Heartfulness.org does not serve or represent any commercial purpose, it is free.

2. All are welcome to experience Heartfulness meditation, it is currently practiced in over 164+ countries.

3. There are no prerequisites other than willingness, basic mental health and an attitude of openness and wonder.

4. Meditation sessions in Hyderabad are provided by trainers with experience ranging from 2 years to 30 years+.

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