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Do you have difficulty sleeping? Are you feeling stressed or fatigued?

The fast pace of life can result in stress and fatigue, and have an impact on our wellbeing at work and at home. Our ‘daily grind’ can cause emotional imbalance, and difficulty sleeping.

Heartfulness techniques can help us to face these challenges through an effective method that trains us to Relax, Rejuvenate and Connect to our deeper consciousness that is always at peace. As a result, we feel lighter, more confident, and become better at managing ourselves.

Heartfulness is practiced by over a million people in more than 130 countries. It is a registered charity in New Zealand and provides support to a wide range of people individually, and in the workplace free of charge. A number of organisations both Government and private institutions have experienced the benefits of offering Heartfulness to promote wellbeing in the workplace.

You can learn Heartfulness online at no cost and experience the benefits for yourself. Simply complete three master classes at heartfulness.org/masterclass and set yourself up for a lifetime of lightness and joy.

The Heartfulness Institute offers a number of free classes and workshops in the Wellington region. If you have any queries or wish to find out more about further support;

Learn Heartfulness via free masterclass (http://en.heartfulness.org/masterclass)

Please email us at wellington@heartfulness.org

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The Road Less Travelled

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