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The purpose of this group is to create an informal setting to discuss, share and learn about mediation and its relevance in our lives today.

We engage in a wide range of topics like role of meditation in our life and community, balancing our life from within, creating a harmonious peaceful community.

We organize free meet-ups, workshops and training sessions for members of the community. Most of our venues are local cafes, libraries and universities.

Natural Path Meditation (also known as Sahaj Marg) is the primary meditation technique/ practice followed by the group. The group is open to all seekers and there is NO FEE to learn or practice this meditation. All members of society are welcome with no discrimination based on religion, nationality, culture or sex.

“As we think, so we become.” -Buddha

The Natural Path Meditation group invites you to relax and discover the joy of Meditation. This Meetup aspires to bring together people in the local Greater Philadelphia community, in an effort to provide free meditation classes throughout our diverse and vibrant Philadelphia community.

Hatha Yoga (Physical practices of Yoga) is widely practiced and its excellent physical and healing benefits are being experienced by a growing number of people every day. Meditation (Yoga of the Mind) goes even deeper, and is the single most effective practice to regulate our Mind, and through that our thought process. It is a wonderfully effective and practical self-development tool which leads us from the constant outer activity, and beyond the possibilities offered by physical practices and other theories, into our inner selves, where personal transformation happens in the inner silence of our Heart.

The Natural Path Meditation group would like to make Meditation ubiquitously available in the Greater Philadelphia community. This Meetup group has several offerings for those interested in making Meditation a foundational and natural part of their lives.

Discover Meditation Workshops

“The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating”

This is an old proverb which means that the true value or quality of something can only be evaluated when it's put to use or tried and tested. One can experience an unequalled feeling of lightness, balance, joy, and connection with the Inner Self in meditation. A regulated mind and this connection with our inner Self develops in us a state which is entirely unaffected by the ups and downs of everyday life.

In that spirit, come join us for the Discover Meditation workshops. These workshops will have 3-5 sessions, and will be taught by meditators with over 10 years of experience. No prior meditation experience is necessary.

“A Cup of Meditation”

An Informal Conversation Series on Meditation

Come join us for an informal discussion on Meditation and its increasing relevance to modern day life. If you are new to meditation or are looking to start a meditation practice, it is a great way to find more about it in the informal setting of a coffee shop. If you are already practicing meditation, it is a great way to meet other people practicing meditation and expand your horizons.

What is Natural Path Meditation?

A few words about Natural Path Meditation. It is in essence the well-known ancient Raja Yoga (Yoga of the Mind) remodeled and simplified to suit modern-day life. The main elements of Natural Path Meditation include 1) a Heart-centered Meditation practice, 2) the practice of Cleaning which frees us from mental and emotional barriers, bringing about lightness and expansion, 3) a technique called "Constant Remembrance" which teaches us to preserve our meditative state, and trains us to be guided through daily life by our inner Self, and 4) the use of Transmission, the subtlest spiritual energy, to bring about inner change. In fact, it is Transmission which sets Sahaj Marg apart from other systems of meditation.

Learn more about this Meetup Group or write to us at Philly.Meditation@gmail.com

Past events (42)

Heartfulness Meditation Workshop

Tredyffrin Public Library, Conference Room

Heartfulness Meditation Workshop

Tredyffrin Public Library, Conference Room

Heartfulness Meditation Workshop

Tredyffrin Public Library, Conference Room

Heartfulness Meditation Workshop

Tredyffrin Public Library, Conference Room

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