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Heaven & Earth is an organic studio for meditation, metaphysical, wellness & spiritual experiences. Dedicated to holding sacred space and providing holistic energy sessions, readings, meditations, classes, & natural health products to the community. Come check out our events through this meet-up group!

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Paint Pour Liquid Art Workshop

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Register: https://heavenandearthstudio.com/events-calendar-view/paint-pour-liquid-art-workshop-6-10-22

Join us for a fun and relaxing evening of creating abstract art! Zero experience is necessary and all supplies are included. Maybe a special image will appear in your artwork - perhaps a message from the universe or your higher self! Come to this fun creative workshop and bring a friend.

Overcoming Fear - Group Healing Event

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A workshop by Peter J. van Twuyver
Register: https://heavenandearthstudio.com/events-calendar-view/overcoming-fear-group-healing-event-6-12

Date and time: Sun. Jun 12 10am-Noon
Cost: $27 and includes the 120-minute group experience and a workshop handout.

Throughout the day, according to Dr. Joe Dispenza, you process about 60,000 thoughts and 95% or more of them tend to be based on negative experiences in the past.

That means 95% of the time we act or react through habits. Therefore we only use our conscious mind and free will only 5% of the time. We truly are creatures of habit. And we are programmable by design.
You have to choose to change and then do the work! Do you want to be programmed, or program yourself to be the best you that you can be?
Remember, if you are wasting your time and energy on fear, then you won’t have enough time and energy to heal and to grow.
If you realize that fear is just another type of negative programming that can be overwritten, then we can conquer any type of fear.
In this training, you will learn:

• How we tend to live in the past
• How negative programming shapes how we behave and think
• Easy techniques to help reprogram fear into something positive
Benefits from Group Healing:

• Group Healing reconnects us with “All That Is” or Source and with each other
• Group Healing also affects the entire world locally and distantly, via quantum mechanics. The healing effects of this experience can be exponentially improved in a group format
• Group Healing shows us that we all share the same issues and that we can come together to heal these issues together
Date and time: Sun. Jun 12 10am-Noon
Cost: $27 and includes the 120-minute group experience and a workshop handout See less
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Private Mediumship Readings with Michelle Guillemette

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