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Learning, Improving and Chatting in Hebrew is what we do 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month. Whether you're a native, fluent speaker or just starting out your first course of Hebrew we'll provide a relaxed, informal and regular conversation practice for all levels! We are the ideal conversational group to attend alongside regular, formal classes. Eretz Hebrew is all about Modern Conversational Hebrew and has three groups: Beginners will work on basic spoken confidence - based on what you want to learn and what you're learning in your classes we'll focus purely on speaking and chatting and improving our confidence and pronunciation. The Intermediate group chat about holidays and hobbies, conjugations and celebrations. Lead by a fluent speaker this group works to increase their fluency and vocabulary. Meanwhile our Fluent and Native Speakers come together and read stories, sing songs and watch plays with each other. Time & Place We meet on the First and Third Thursday of every month from[masked]. Join our group to get updates on what's up-coming and reminders of dates. Of course every session is accompanied by good food, great wine and even better people. We have white boards, projectors, laptops and the Internet available for our use! Agenda: The evening works something like this, being informal it changes a little depending on the people present: [masked]: Chit Chat (in English or Hebrew) and gather something to eat and drink. [masked]: Split into groups. [masked]: Break, back together for more chit chat and refills. [masked]: Back into groups. [masked]: Clear up and leave so that security can go home! You are welcome to continue to converse in one of the many pubs near by! Cost At each session we ask for a £5 donation towards the cost of refreshments and professional teachers provided. We don't wish for anybody to be excluded because of financial restrictions, so do get in touch if this is a concern! Discuss Eretz Hebrew on our facebook page:

West London Synagogue

33 Seymour Place · London

What we're about

שלום דוברי עברית

Who are we?

We are a group of people from in and around London who enjoy speaking Hebrew, some native speakers and some learners.

What do we do?

We meet several times a month for a variety of activities including museums, picnics, walks, talks, films and drinks and usually incorporate some form of structured practice. We avoid events of a religious or political nature in order to keep our events as accessible as possible to anybody interested in Hebrew!

Great! How do I get involved?

Membership to the group is entirely free, though some of our activities do have entrance fees, and is open to anyone with a basic level of Hebrew or up!

I have an idea!

If you have any ideas for meetings, or are an organiser of an event with a connection to Hebrew and a chance to talk in Hebrew feel free to get in touch!

? מי אנחנו

אנחנו קבוצה של אנשים מלונדון והסביבה שנהנים לדבר עברית, חלקנו דוברים ילידים וחלק לומדים.

?מה אנחנו עושים

אנחנו נפגשים כמה פעמים בחודש למגוון פעילויות כולל מוזיאונים, פיקניקים, טיולים, שיחות, סרטים ושתיה, ומשלבים גם תרגול עברית.

?אחלה! איך אפשר להצטרף

החברות בקבוצה היא ללא תשלום כאשר עבור חלק מהפעילויות יש דמי כניסה. הקבוצה פתוחה לכל אחד/ת עם ידע בסיסי בעברית ומעלה.

!יש לי רעיון

אם יש לך הצעות למפגשים או שאת/ה מארגנ/ת אירוע שקשור לעברית שבו יש הזדמנות לדבר עברית, צור/צרי קשר!

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