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Hello! We are looking for Event Hosts for this meetup group. If you are interested in becoming an event host for the Hello Shanghai meetup group, just let me know. Add my wechat ID GTcanada . Mention "Hosting" As an event host, you will be able to host your own meetup events. We are looking for members that are interested in taking time out of their schedules to bring people together in order to have fun and network over meals. I allow event hosts to charge a small fee for members to attend. You will not become rich but you will learn useful social skills. If you have the connections to restaurant owners, you are ideal for the position. CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. HAPPY HOSTING!

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I have a meetup group where all events are free and the organizers do not benefit financially in organizing the events. See

However, I recognize that there are cases where event hosts should be given some token compensation. Such compensation should be transparent and fully disclosed.

With feedback from some of my members, I have decided to have a system whereby event hosts are compensated for arranging an event. This is how it works:

(1) An event host may change an attendee a fee of 5 to 25 RMB
(2) A co-organizer will help the event host. Obviously, the co-organizer does not need to pay the event fee.
(3) The co-organizer is responsible for posting the meetup event and assisting in getting people to attend.
(4) Unless otherwise specified, the co-organizer receives no fee at all. The co-organizer is a mentor.
(5) Under no circumstances, should the event host receive any kickbacks from restaurants.
(6) All direct or indirect benefits must be passed on to attendees.
(7) All fees must be made public.
(8) The event host should do her/his best to secure the best restaurant deals for our members.

This is a good opportunity for students who want to acquire some real life social skills. Since we are an international group, it also presents an opportunity for those who want to practice English and make global friends. At the minimum, you should make enough to cover the cost of your meals plus some pocket money.

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