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There is a higher power which is the essence of life, and it can heal. Bruno Groening (1906-1959), a simple German man, had very precise, intuitive knowledge of this healing power and, through his teaching, made it freely available to everyone, helping thousands of people. His teaching continues to be shared today through one of the world’s largest non-profit organizations for spiritual healing, the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends. Medical doctors and psychologists in all major specialties work together in the Medical Scientific Group (MWF), a part of the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends, to record and verify healings which are still happening today, even of so called incurable diseases. To learn more about this ancient knowledge, to hear about documented healings and to experience the healing power for yourself in a simple, natural way, you are invited to attend a lecture, “Help and Healing on the Spiritual Path – Medically Verifiable”. There is no fee for this. Donations are appreciated.

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