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Hello there Happy & Healthy minded person,

I send you a warm welcome to join this NEW Helsinki Community in its startup phase. This Meetup group is created to Inspire and Improve How to Relax for Better Concentration. Increasing the awareness of how to notice your own stress signals, and learn how to become more in control over them.

When you are feeling tension, feeling stress, Exhaling makes Room for Oxygen. Experience how Playing didgeridoo stimulates immediate auto feedback on how you are breathing. And how this responds to changes in your physical and psychological state

I also want to invite you and new members to share their Inspiration and create an Learning platform for Happiness Improvement by Breathing exercise and knowledge on Didgeridoo playing .

The coming meetups will be about practical training, personal development, community support, seminars and inspirational events by professionals in the various related work fields. A meetup were community members can either participate freely, follow paid training and invite guest to free or partly free events. Community members will gain benefits that will be specified in more detail later.

Who is Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij:

I am the Founder of the Breath Control Academy for the Netherlands and Finland. In the Netherlands my former student and now co founder and trainer Freek van Bemmelen provides my developed training there.

I have always been an dedicated musician, teacher in 7 music instruments and vocal coaching and trained to become a breath coach. Inspiring and getting Inspired to Re-connect Health awareness with Music education. I feel blessed to have been training many hunderds of people in the Netherlands. In my own company, school, education system, private music school, company training, markets, fairs, ect, ect, From young kids until the age of 84. So as Long as you can breath, you can play and improve the quality of your life.

I know how it feels to suffer from Asthma, Sleep-apnea, Anxiety and have to deal with a different learning approach having ADHD, Dyslexia. With all this in my late 20ties I experienced an huge burn out being a regular school teacher (junior high school). By training and mastering the didgeridoo and understanding how to use CPTG Essential oils in my daily life I was able to step out of My Suffer Circle.

This Journey made Appreciate How to Use my Weakness and turned them into my Strengh.

For serveral years in the Netherlands and now here since 2015 I am on a mission to share my message of Breathing pattern training and Stress release and Happiness Improvement. When I can make the choose to Step Out of my Suffer Circle....You can Do Too.


• We are there for Each other to Support and Work on How to Relax in a practical way thru the Baaij Breathing Method. Were my goal is also to enjoy exploring different approaches of Breath work awareness and exercises. With main Goal, You must be able to Implement in your Daily Life. So no Trends or Tricks...we work on implementing awareness and grow to become better.

• At least 1 monthly Free Meetup . I do not know yet how this group will grow so I am taking it easy. But in these meetups you can bring guests to explore the benefits on Breath work training with shared experiences by our members and guest How to Implement them in our Daily Life. And also what works not, what are the obstacles and how can we support each other.

• Open stage for people to share their Insights, Skills etc on Breathing and all aspects of it and how it effects and affects us all in Daily Life.

• Guest speakers and Small workshops *were some can be charged a small fee for travel cost of the speaker and or material we will use".

• FREE vs Paid Events. As mentioned before. These are Larger 1 or more day events were members participate with their BCA Community fee and can bring Guests to experience it for them selves.

See the Event Calender for our First event.

Looking forward to connect with you beautiful person. That deserves the Thrive in Health and Happiness overcoming all obstacles along our way. Lets Guide & Inspire each other to grow and create value sharing our message.

Happy, Healthy & Wealthy Regards, what ever that may implicate in your life path.

Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij . Breath Control Academy FIN/NL

coaching: www.thebreathcontrolacademy.com

music: http://www.reverbnation.com/manupeo

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