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Helsinki Java User Group 2018.11 meetup @ Zalando

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Zalando Helsinki Tech Hub

Runeberginkatu 5 D, 00100 · Helsinki

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Please use entrance D near Cafe Charlotta.

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Welcome to the 4th meetup of Helsinki Java User Group!

This time we're hosted by Zalando Finland.
There will be talks, discussions, pizza, and drinks.

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We'll have two talks:
1. "Ten Things To Do With GraalVM" by Chris Seaton.
⚙ deep into details

Oracle Labs is working on a new native compiler for the Java Virtual Machine called Graal. Graal is 'one compiler to rule them all', meaning we use it for both just-in-time compilation, and ahead-of-time compilation, for Java, JavaScript, Ruby, R, Python, C and other languages.

You may have heard the term 'Graal' but you are probably not aware of how many incredible things it can do.

It can run your Java application faster, compile Java to standalone native executables that start instantly, compile Java libraries to native libraries, run languages like JavaScript, Ruby, R, Python, including polyglot programs written in more than one of these languages, it can run native languages like C and C++ on the JVM, it gives you tools like debuggers that work across languages, and much more.

2. "JDBC Connection leak detection using 'pure' Java SE" by Jukka Pihl.
⚙ deep into details

Talk about different kind of leaks (memory/resource) and methods to catch them. Then coding JDBC driver for detecting connection leaks using weak references, reflection and Proxy class.

Doors open at 17:30, the first talk starts at 18:00.