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This is a meetup for those in the Henderson County and Asheville NC area inclined toward a non-theistic worldview informed by science, and an ethical life stance based on human agency and experience rather than divine commands.

Stop by any of our scheduled meetups for wide ranging discussion, coffee, and whatever. Everything is up for discussion from naturalistic philosophy, social issues and current events to pets, recipes, and politics. Sometimes we talk about religion and our secular, humanist worldview.

But what is Humanism about? What do most Humanists believe?

First: There being no evidence for a supernatural dimension, most Humanists believe the natural world or universe is all that is real—no gods, no immortal soul, no divine or cosmic purpose, no hell below, no heaven above. As evolved social animals humans are fully a part of nature.

Second: Humanists believe that our morals, ethics and values were evolved through thousands of millennia of cooperative group living and struggle—not revealed divine commands—and that moral and ethical principles are to be judged by their utility and consequences for humans and other life on earth, not deities.

Third: Humanists believe that knowledge about reality is best gained through empirical methods and analysis similar to those used in science. Humanists believe that truth matters and that truth claims should be verifiable, falsifiable and supported by evidence available to all. This does not exclude knowledge about the human condition revealed in fine art, literature, philosophy, or even music.

Fourth: Humanism includes the belief in, and advocacy for, separation of government policy from adherence to sectarian, unverifiable religious dogma—and the separation of such dogma from education in public schools.

Fifth: Humanism includes the belief that "... reason and knowledge should be deployed to allow all of humankind to flourish in the same way each of us seeks to flourish." [Steven Pinker, Enlightenment Now..., 2018]

Sixth: One objective of the Humanist enterprise is to advance the Humanist worldview as a preferred alternative to faith-based views.

So if what we're about is compatible with what you're about, please join us! Stop by any of our scheduled meetups for wide ranging discussion, coffee, and whatever.

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