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Herbs for the Mouth: A Weekend Immersion with Leslie Alexander


Price: $225.00 /per person

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10-6pm Saturday August 6th &10-3pm on Sunday, the 7th

We’ll begin with a focus on the mouth as part of the digestive system, and spend some time examining form and function. Getting to know the mouth helps! Interventions are easier, and certainly more effective, when we know how and why something works, or doesn’t work. As practitioners and students, we spend time getting to know various body systems. Understanding the mouth is critical to not only relieving pain or discomfort but also moderating inflammation throughout the body. We’ll begin with the obvious, teeth and gums, effective oral care as well as form and function. We’ll talk about saliva, its importance and effects in moderating pH; we’ll discuss foods and how these can positively and negatively affect oral health.

Herbs for the Mouth: An effective materia medica for the herbal practitioner and herb student, will be the focus of this introduction to herbs for the mouth. Weather permitting we’ll venture outside as we explore. Our time will include methods of preparation and delivery with a focus on actions and combining herbs to mediate desired outcomes. Experienced and less experienced herbalists are welcome as well as dental professionals and members of the public who wish to become more familiar with sustaining and maintaining oral health, reaching far beyond the kitchen cupboard. Too we will cover some pharmaceuticals that can affect oral health.

Likely by Sunday morning we’ll be ready to explore clinical skills that are helpful when considering the mouth. This part of the weekend workshop is definitely geared toward herbalists. We’ll further discuss links between oral and systemic health and the need for a sound oral health intake. We will focus on how to move through questions associated with a new client intake and talk about why focus on the mouth can inform care and health outcomes. We’ll work with extracts from clinical intakes and discuss how information gleaned from conversations about other health issues may directly affect oral health and visa versa. Ensuring that we obtain a thorough understanding of the health of the mouth will serve to enhance each of our interventions throughout the body. Developing skills in this area is key to working within the emerging and exciting field of oral systemic health. We’ll have a look at a few cases that directly or indirectly involve the mouth.


Saturday August 6th, 10 - 6 pm


Sunday, August 7th, 10-3pm

Cost: $225 (Friday night free with purchase)

Please note a deposit of $125 is due w/in 5 days of signing up to hold your spot due to limited space. You can mail a check to me (the address listed) made out to Luna Herb Co.

About Leslie:

Leslie Alexander, PhD, RH(AHG) is owner of Restoration Herbs in Erie, PA, where she has a clinical practice and works as a community herbalist. In 2014, Leslie's first book, Dental Herbalism: Natural Therapies for the Mouth, was published by Healing Arts Press. For Leslie, herbalism brings together years of using herbs, a passion for the outdoors and her training in health-related research.

She received her B.Sc. from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Environmental Sciences and her Ph.D. from Heriot Watt University for her work with Enteromorpha, an intertidal seaweed. For several years she worked in England and Scotland as a research scientist, focusing her work on environmental factors affecting children’s health. Drawn increasingly to more natural ways of healing, she retrained as a Medical Herbalist and returned to the States in 2005. In addition to a commitment to self study, she completed a diploma in Herbal Medicine, with Honors, from ACHS and later her clinical training with Richard Mandelbaum RH(AHG).

She continues to learn from students, colleagues and plants. Leslie has been an active member of the American Herbalist’s Guild since 2004, a registered herbalist since 2009 and was invited to join the AHG governing council in 2013. She is also a member of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health and the American Botanical Council.

Currently she divides her time between clinical practice, and her work as an educator, working with students and professionals, offering lectures and workshop opportunities for continuing education. Additionally, she offers individual holistic health & wellness consultations.

When not at work, Leslie enjoys her canine pal Ms ZadieBrindle and a number of hobbies, including cooking, the outdoors, Tai Chi and QiGong.