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Do you have an interest in challenging society's and your own philosophies? Are you skeptical of dogma and tradition? Do you regularly play devil's advocate because you think there's a real danger of getting trapped in an echo chamber? This group may be for you.

The Heretical Reading Society aims to challenge conventional notions and "common sense" by reading books materials that contradict prevailing notions of science, philosophy, economics, politics, and beyond. We hope to encourage an environment of inquisitive, lively debate where we may not always come to agreement or satisfying conclusions, but where we aim to test the foundations of ideals that are regarded as ultimate truths.

Sometimes we may find that the prevailing notions are accurate, or at least have the strongest arguments, sometimes we may find that these oppositions to them are well-founded and perhaps might even change our own minds, but the point is that we investigate these things in an intellectual fashion.

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