Bump to Baby Sound Healing and Lullabies

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Come sing to your baby! Bond with your baby before and after birth. The sound brings greater ease of attachment and reduced anxiety. We will do some beautiful but simple lullabies, some toning and chanting and have simple instruments for the babies to play with.

Babies can hear and respond to your voice from 26 weeks so don’t wait until baby is born. Your voice is so special baby. Newborns can distinguish mum’s voice from another in 1 second.

As babies prefer familiar music, when you sing songs baby heard in the womb it calms them very quickly. And these songs should calm you quickly too. When stress hormones get too high they actually pass through the placenta. And once baby is born how calm we are affects them massively. Singing and chanting calm us down, partly from changing our breathing and you don’t have to be a singer!

It’s your voice that is most special to baby. We all used to sing to our babies, it’s only really fairly recently that many people stopped. Not only is it relaxing and enjoyable, babies feel, see, hear, together – not separately (synaesthesia) It is a whole body experience. So there’s a big correlation between motor movement scores and musical ability. Babies who do music have better language development. Premmie babies who are sung to actually go home earlier and their speech and motor skills develop quicker.

So join us the third Friday of the month with your bump or your baby at 10am. £6 per adult

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