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Touch-of-Healing self-help group practice (21 Nov) #3
The 36 Breaths In this breath, I am One of a kind. There can be no competing, comparing, judging, labeling or being judged. ~ Mary Burmeister ~ This is a free session. Maximum 8 people. For carers and everyone. To be introduced to Jin Shin Jyutsu touch-of-healing and practice holding fingers with mindful breathing. All are welcome.

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What we're about

This meetup group invites people who cares. They may be the primary carers for elderly parents and young children or have special siblings, relatives and any persons whom they look after to provide support. Carers may also be people who care for the world environment to be healthy and human education to be taught by higher love and intelligence.

Carers often think about helping others; willing to teach what they have learned and share what they have earned. Carers cannot bear to see pain and suffering. They find ways to reach out and make lives better.

Carers usually have heroes with whom they admire for their prowess and they aspire to develop similar qualities. Carers invest in their own learning first and they find energy to fuel their passion.

Being carers ourselves, we want to meet other carers. Those who want to go fast and those who want to go far. Energy can never tire. It is our personal imbalance accumulating every day stress that causes fatigue. Knowing this, we take actions to release tensions and increase balance.

"Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken." Warren Buffett also said:

"Some things just take time". Please start early whether you are investing for financial gain or investing in study and life improvement.

"Price is what you pay and value is what you get". Select whatever have potentials to grow in values for you will have more rewards and satisfactions.

"Living with passion". To do what you love and work for whom you admire the most, and you have given yourself the best chance in life you can.

"Rear view mirror is clearer". Learn from mistakes. Cultivate emotional stability. Treasure yourself and the others who also have integrity, intelligence and energy.

Carers become heroes when they show courage and overcome their adversity. The paths may be rough and the journeys are long but they hold their visions and strive on. When equipped with right knowledge and right tools, they reach their goals fast and successful. When injured or weakened, they take rest and recuperate. What will heroes do to help themselves and where will they go?

Heroes Haven meetup group gathers people to come revitalize, restore and rejuvenate their lives.

We offer a private studio for

• Jin Shin Jyutsu® Touch-of-healing treatment and self-help classes. Using our hands as "jumper cable" to recharge body energy "battery".

• Alexander Technique private and group lessons. To retrain our habitual patterns of movement and posture.

• Yoga knowledge sharing and exercise practice. To train in body-mind fitness through yoga.

• Workshop on Essential oils and Natural remedies. To choose chemical-free and environment-friendly products.

• Other educational classes and workshops. Topics range from developing spiritual consciousness (meditation) to business skills (savings and financial investment).

• Heroes dialogues and stories sharing. To meet new friends and share how heroes have influenced and shaped our lives for the better.

• Heroes opportunity. Start and grow meaningful "paying it forward" movements. Give opportunities to people and not handouts.

Having "enough", people are able to do what they want with dignity. Having "too much or too little" distorts sense of self and affects people’s ability to do things.

Walk the middle path and be happy, healthy and holistic.

Please join us.

Thank you.

May All Be Well and Happy.

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