• Pokemon League Night

    Heroic Gaming

    Gotta Catch them all! Start with a theme deck and get back into the game that started it all. Every week we host a Pokemon League for new and veteran players. If you have never played (or its been a while) we will teach you the game.

  • Numenera discover and destiny

    Heroic Gaming

    Gm is David Ripley Numenera is a Tabletop RPG that is made by MonteCook and uses the cypher system. Lore: It’s a billion years in the future. The earth has seen its denizens rise, from stone age to stellar empire, multidimensional civilization, or perhaps transcendency to near godhood—not once but eight times. Each of these civilizations has altered the earth as they have seen fit, in ways sometimes small and sometimes grandiose beyond imagining. The landscape of the Ninth World is shaped by structures, machines, and landmarks that bear the mark of previous worlds, and dotted with ancient devices, creatures, and items of wondrous power and inexplicable purpose. Islands of crystal float in the sky. Inverted mountains rise up above plains of broken glass. Mysterious abandoned structures stretch across distances so great they affect the weather. Massive machines, half buried, churn and hum—but for what purpose? Nobody knows what became of the people of the previous worlds; they live only in myth and legend. But now is the dawn of a new age, and the people of the Ninth World are starting anew. What will you find as you explore this world? How will your discoveries shape the future of humankind? Basic Gameplay: Numenera use a simple and easy to understand system that has only three major pools, speed, might, and intelligence, that are used for everything you do, from activating abilities to taking hits. Character creation is quite a simple, as any character can be defined by a single sentence. "character's name is an adjective noun that verbs". Another thing that sets Numenera different from other RPG is that it has a lesser focus on combat, (there still is plenty of combat), but it rewards more to discover new thing, and to think outside of the box with its XP system. GM notes: I welcome new players, so if you want to play and are new please comment down below and I can either make you a character to play, or you can arrive early for me to go through character creation with you. (however a pre generated is recommend for new players but its up to you to choose). Finally, I want all to know that I am still a new GM, so thoughs who have done RPG before please be patient with me, and I hope you all will enjoy what I and Numenera has to offer.

  • Magic the Gathering: Friday Night Magic

    Heroic Gaming

    Magic The Gathering is a turn based game that uses character cards to battle. It is an incredibly complex game that can be taught to just about anyone. Every Friday night we host a meeting of local players who enjoy playing in a family setting and teaching others how to play the game. Join us at 6pm each Friday for "Newbie Night". Competition starts at 7pm for everyone else!

  • RPG Prince Charming, Reanimator (Dungeon Crawl Classics)

    Prince Hubert Charming is searching for a bride. His first two brides have died, and whispers and rumors say that the brides were dead to be begin with. Legend tells of a nearby kingdom that fell when a curse struck the kings daughter, Princess Beauty, killing her on her 16th birthday. The rest of the kingdom succumbed to the curse and has fallen into ruin. Prince Charming is convinced that Princess Beauty is merely sleeping, and can be restored by the kiss of a Prince. The prince has rounded up a mob of "volunteers" to search the ruined castle, find the Sleeping Beauty, and bring her out. That mob is you. This is a session of Dungeon Crawl Classics (a lot like an old-school D&D) for 5 to 10 players. No experience with DCC, or even RPGs, is necessary. Everything you need will be provided. Just show with some imagination and expect to have some fun!

  • Kid's D&D Group - non AL

    Heroic Gaming

    The GM is Dan Fox I need parental contact information for each player. Bring your level 2 or 3 characters! If you need assistance, come early. I will be at Heroic Gaming about 30 minutes early. Keep in mind the main focus of the Kid's D&D Group is to have fun and learn the D&D rules. Also we need to assist new and younger players. Eventually a character will be killed. I never try to kill characters, but this may happen (not often). Be prepared mentally, and have a back up 2nd level character just in case.

  • Pathfinder Group 2: Kysar: Under the Cold Green Sky

    Details The Game Master is Dave Long The Campaign is Kysar, Under the Cold Green Sky This is an Intermediate to Advanced style game. Definitely not a Murder Hobo style game It is primarily Pathfinder but with some 3.5 accents and is a long running Home Brew Campaign • What do I bring? Nothing, just you. • What ages can come? 14 and up. • What does it cost? $5 per player per event RSVP for this event quick! As this takes a LOT of prep work, anyone who fails to attend after RSVP-ing twice will not be allowed to RSVP again. *Depending on attendance, we may need to relocate players into different groups as needed.

  • Starfinder Society Group 2

    Heroic Gaming

    Brave Starfinders! Come join us exploring the deep space of the Starfinder Universe! Join us for everything from discovering new planets, new cultures, or even just corporate espionage. You've never played a RPG? Fine. We will teach you. What do I bring? Nothing, just you. We will also have pregens available for those that don't have a legal SFS character. What ages can come? 14 and up. When? GMs will be on site at Noon and dice roll at 1pm. What does it cost? $5 per player or all starfinder events we offer on this day! Please look below for what scenarios we are running. Note we set the tables and GMs the Saturday morning before game so pre-regs are important. We will attempt to seat walk-ins, but if you want a seat you should pre-reg. Tables need a minimum of 3 players to run. Event Code: 414,083 Slot Time: 1 pm to 6 PM Scenarios: TBD GM: TBD * Open * Open * Open * Open * Open * Open

  • Tabletop Gaming Club

    Heroic Gaming LLC

    This weekly group is a combined offer with Atlanta Games Night Meetup for anyone who would like to join us. We play a variety of tabletop games every Monday night and anyone who is interested is welcome. It is our hope that you will find your Gaming Home with us. Hope to see you soon!

  • Magic the Gathering: Commander Night

    Heroic Gaming

    Heroic Gaming is please to announce our expansion into Magic the Gathering Commander Format. As this is a new project for us, there will be adjustments made each week as needed. Prizes to be announced shortly!