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Do you relate to this: "There are simply not enough hours in the day. There's so much to do."?

The Hertfordshire Entrepreneurs Meetup group helps busy business people overcome the challenges of working all hours creating optimal work-life balance. Discover how to kick-start 2019 with a plan to become more productive, time efficient and organised so that you're more motivated, confident and engaged with family and friends.

Everyone is welcome to join our relaxed, informative Meetups where every month we'll cover:
- how to get more done in a day than most people get done in a week
- how to go from email chaos to inbox zero with the 321-Zero system
- scheduling a month's social media in an hour
- time blocking and task batching
- and much more

Feel free to contact me amanda@alterra-consulting.co.uk

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LinkedIn Marketing - taking the "cold" out of cold calling

We start the meeting with some open networking in a relaxed atmosphere over a drink. Everyone is given the opportunity to present their businesses to the group. Following that there will be a short topic. This month it's all about LinkedIn. Are you using LinkedIn to capitalise on valuable relationships? If not, then this is the Meetup where you'll learn how to use it to find the people you really want to do business with and to take the cold out of cold calling. We spend the rest of the evening continuing to get to know one another.

Open networking and guest host

The Beech House

This month we're going to have one of our members talk in more depth about a topic related to their business. We start the evening in the usual way with open networking, welcoming new members to the group over a drink. There will then be a short guest presentation from a member followed by a chance to chat for the rest of the evening. Please feel free to bring a friend (or two)

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Lead Generation Discussion

St Albans Cricket Club

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