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Do you take an interest in politics, social issues, current affairs?

If you do, perhaps you have begun to feel that discussions about many of these topics are subject to increasingly strict and aggressive restrictions on what it is acceptable to think and say?

There are far more people out there who quietly suffer from this frustration than you may think, and a year ago a couple of friends of mine set up a meetup in London for followers of the online content that has collectively come to be known as the "Intellectual Dark Web". The idea behind it was simple but successful, it was for people who were sick of the conformity and group think that is stifling our public debate, and for people who were open to controversial ideas, to regularly meet and have interesting and stimulating discussions over drinks. It turned out to be very popular, and grew into a great community of friends who met each other through our London meetup (link for London IDW posted at the bottom).

I am now setting up a meetup based in the St Albans-Watford area to see whether there is similar interest for such a meetup further out of town.

Our IDW meetups attract people of all different views and ideologies, from the wettest, softest, lefty liberals to MAGA hat wearing, Brexit supporting, right wingers, and everything in between. Everyone is welcome no matter what their views are, the more intellectually diverse, the better. The only thing everyone has in common is the idea that nothing is too sensitive to be debated, nothing too controversial to be said, and an understanding that real debate is not about people trying to prove each other to be wrong or stupid, but about a friendly exchange of ideas over drinks.

People who regularly attend our IDW meetups are quite often followers of any and all of the following:

• Jordan Peterson
• Jonathan Haidt
• Sam Harris
• Steven Pinker
• Claire Lehmann
• Dave Rubin
• Eric Weinstein
• Bret Weinstein
• Gad Saad
• Camille Paglia
• Heather Heying
• Ben Shapiro
• Christina Hoff Sommers
• Owen Benjamin
• Dr. Debra Soh
• Douglas Murray
• Ayaan Hirsi Ali
• Maajid Nawaz
• Sargon of Akkad
• Yaron Brook
• Michael Shermer
• Joe Rogan
• Niall Ferguson
• Sam Harris
• Thomas Sowell
• Pewdiepie

• And more...

There are a great many people out there who follow IDW content online but do not actually know other people in real life who take an interest in it. Our meetups provide a place to put them in touch with one another, I hope to see you soon.

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