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Joy Ventures company is hosting meetups about brain, technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Our first meeting will try to crack the connection between the Music and the Brain

What is music?

What is the difference between a tone and music? What is hearing?
The uniqueness of music as an activator of the two hemispheres.
Connection between stress, hidden stress, disease and music - Review of scientific evidence.

The talk will share the effects of music on healthy populations and how can specific music help deal with stress and daily activities

Who should come ?:


And anyone who is interested in music and its profound effect

About the lecturer- Michal Zagon-Rogel

Michal is a passionate poet, children's books author, enthusiastic music & health researcher and a body & mind lecturer.

Armed with a Masters degree in political science and 15 years of experience as a Government Affairs Manager, Spokesperson and Parliamentary Advisor she has finally discovered her passion – Classical Music and Beyond. For the past years Michal has been studying the affects of classical music on our body organs and mental health.

Presently Michal aims to harness these affects to help us tune our bodies and mind.

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