What we're about

Calling all freethinkers, critical thinkers, curious souls and the like for honest, intelligent discussions on a wide range of topics.

We live in difficult times. Globally, opinion has been polarised by the Left and the Right. The space for genuine discussion, debate and disagreement has shrunk. Each person who is conscious of the world around them is expected to fit into one box or the other. As a result, we have begun to talk at each other, not TO each other. Tribalism is rife.

This group believes that genuine discussion, debate and disagreement is vital for our society and our country, India. It rejects the fetters people on either side of the spectrum have imposed on themselves. Only through dialogue can we move forward.

You could be an admirer of any thinker -- from Noam Chomsky to Samuel Huntington, Sam Harris to Reza Aslan, Jordan Peterson to Linda Sarsour, Arundhati Roy to Subramanian Swamy, Narendra Modi to Jawaharlal Nehru, the Buddha to Bertrand Russell, Yuval Noah Harari, Charles Darwin, Slavoj Zizek, Mahatma Gandhi to Veer Savarkar to Babasaheb Ambedkar to Narendra Dabholkar and Taslima Nasreen -- no one is taboo here. Or you could have a range of opinions on all of these individuals (and more) which you lack confidence to express in our polarised times. Our meetups will be your "safe space" for free speech.

No topic is off-limits – history, culture, politics, democracy, science, technology, philosophy, religion, mystery etc. In an age where we spend a large part of our lives on virtual platforms, meeting each other can help in free and unfettered exchange of ideas. We can all evolve and learn from the conversations.

The meetup is for uncensored intellectual discussion. A level of adultness is assumed in how one conducts themselves, even when debating passionately. Respectful disagreement would be much appreciated.

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Kashmir, and the future of India

Tea Villa Café, FC Road

First Meet and Greet

Tea Villa Café, FC Road