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We’ve all been new to Tampa at one point and know how excruciatingly hard it is to make friends, brunch buddies, or even movie watching chicks. I even joined Bumble because I was like *throws hands up*— “YO. Something has to give”.

My hope is to make community and relationship building easier for women between 20-30 years old! As long as you’re friendly, you’ll at least have a friend in me. That’s a promise! There will be hangouts Friday evenings or Saturdays and a couple midweek pop-ups here or there. Hey, New Girl!

Member support allows us to cover the fees charged by Meetup.com. The membership is $5/year— and that’s a great deal! Thats 24+ fun events each year in the Tampa Bay Area, and an opportunity to suggest things that you think others would love.

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Tampa Museum of Art

Tampa Museum of Art

Nature Walk

Lettuce Lake Regional Park

Coffee O'Clock

Degaje Cafe And Local Market

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