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Out of Box travelling and adventure Group! We have some awesome travel plans . Great Events and Activities! Keep looking to out events and join us!

Who should join: This group is for people who want to meet and travel locally with in China. Get aware of the Culture and try different activities. Members must know some level of Chinese or English.

Why should members join: If they want some out of box travelling , Try some different activities , Challenge themselves, Meet new people from different communities.

What can members expect out of the group: We will have loads of events and activities. Such as Hiking, Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Kite Flying, Clay pottery, Camping etc. Mostly for adventure activities some expert will be available to guide you. We will keep it safe yet challenging everytime.

Community: We will meet new expats and Chinese from different fields and expertise. It will help each one us to learn new things, broaden our horizon and learn some interesting facts that each one might have come across. Everyone will have something to contribute apart from all the fun and travelling.

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Trek Huang Shan

Change Gate 2 Shanghai South Railway Station Line 1

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