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Somehow Meetup deleted all of our current members, including my leadership team! If you have noticed that you've been deleted, please don't take it personally, we're trying to get to the bottom of it and dues paying through the site is being put on hold for the moment.

Please please please, if still interested, fill out your into and join again. All are welcome! We are so apologetic and have no idea how this happened (just 5 hours ago on 4/24 I added a BUNCH of Meetups and all of y'all were still there!)

NEW MEMBERS, here's info for you!

Please scan my novel below to see if we're a good fit!

Seeking active and communicative participants (when you have your moments) to help us thrive and be able to have more events and conversations/connections. We’ve hit over 400 members, AMAZING, but overwhelming for ONE PERSON! This means always keeping your RSVP accurate and not being a NO SHOW. We hold space, have waiting lists, and do wait for people who say they will attend. We will have to remove habitual no shows after a discussion. You're always welcome to rejoin!

Also very eager to add hosts and leadership! (Honestly not difficult and no huge commitment, we're very accommodating) Please read below and ask Tanya to apply.

Here’s the good stuff!

This is a group for women, by women. LBTQA friendly. All ages welcome. No obligation to make every Meetup or stay the entire time, we're just looking to reach out, support, join together, get input... it's all good!

On to the description!

Have you discovered that you've drifted apart from your local friends? Are you recreating yourself after life has taken a turn? Do you want to expand your social network in the city and get to know different woman from different walks of life? Do you feel a bit socially awkward these days or just unsure of how to present yourself to new friends?

Are you new to the city? Looking for socialization outside of work? Do you work from home or have schedule outside of 9-5 or are you a stay at home mom? Are you looking for new friendships with women in the city? Would you like to vent and laugh over a cup of coffee/tea? Have you always wanted to explore the city and discover hidden treasures: the best food, FREE events, new music, an art gallery, thrift shops, enjoy a movie, have a drink, take a walk and chat, share a good book or some life hacks at a small gathering, go to a yoga class or community acupuncture with a few friends?

Would you like to activate and go to other meetups or events, don't want to go by yourself? Are you looking for a place to fit in, relax, and be yourself? Are you interested in excursions outside of the city and are looking to carpool or take a day trip on public transportation with some good company? Do you have ideas for your own Meetup, but no time or finances or desire to create a Meetup of your own? I want to help!

If you have answered YES to even one of the questions above then we are looking for YOU! We are open minded, relaxed, friendly, and looking to create a no pressure environment of many get togethers throughout the month with your input. This is a work in progress, as we all are :)

If you read all that, thanks! I appreciate it -- Tanya

(dues on hold for the moment, as I am afraid this is somehow the reason so many people were deleted) Please note that after 90 days we do have $1.50/mo dues. This is the smallest amount the site will let us charge. ALSO, WE ONLY RECEIVE 80 CENTS OF THAT AMOUNT AFTER THE DISGUSTING AMOUNT OF FEES MEETUP CHARGES! Dues allow us to keep more active/interested members, pay monthly meetup.com fees ($20/mo), pay for meeting space, hold members and organizers more accountable, and keep more events running.

If you have ANY issue at all with paying dues through the site please message Tanya and we will work something out :) many thanks

Please note: comments here aren’t the forum to advertise your business, services, or any gofundme or related information. We do have other related social media sites and I will find an appropriate place for that. Thanks so much for your consideration!

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