Branding startups on a budget by Yaniv Tross

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The beginning is the hardest. A lot of great ideas vanish into the dark even before they get a chance to shine because they're presented in the wrong way. Some of these ideas are great, really. But people don't care for actual ideas, they only care for what they think about them. Why is it that several companies offer the exact same product, but you only know of one? It's not just a matter of functionality. In this meeting we're going to cover ice-cold practical tools to make sure you're on the right side of people's minds.
You know how it sometimes feels like if you had a million dollars to spend on branding, your company would conquer the world? Well, that's not true. In most cases, it would just make you spend another million dollars. Join us for this session to learn why.
About the speaker:
Yaniv is a marketing professional who has branded tens of startups from the ground up. He specializes in brand strategy and execution. He does not believe in great ideas, only in great implementations, and treats conversion rates as a religion. With over six years of experience in online advertising, Yaniv has produced tens of successful viral videos (like this one ( and published many articles in leading tech blogs.
In 2011, Yaniv founded Tross Media, a branding agency for the tech industry. Currently, the company has 15 employees and serves over 40 local and international startups, as well as tech companies, including eBay. The company also provides digital marketing services for leading local brands like Bezeq International, Mizrahi Tefahot Bank and Pelephone.
Before turning to marketing Yaniv was a comedian and writer on several TV shows and a freelance journalist for several outlets, including Blazer magazine.