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Welcome to an Era of Permanent Revolution by Yonatan Adiri

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We no longer live in a time of subsequent (however more radical) "paradigm shifts" but rather a constant revolution based on exponential growth of technology that compounds accelerated growth across many fields.
The first 30 minutes will focus on the basic concept of an "era of permanent revolution". We'll cover the difference between linear and exponential growth, review the X of Disruption - where accelerated technology meets declining prices and ascertain the challenge level this new nature puts in front of leaders, and the opportunity it presents for entrepreneurs.
The second 30 minute episode provides a look inside how economy, healthcare, defense and government are tackling this challenge. We'll see interesting and timely case studies.

The third 30 minute episode will focus on three case studies of how the Era of Permanent Revolution calls into question several key economic and business concepts:

1) Barriers to entry: the example of SPACEX technology
2) Reliance on Supply Chain advantage: the case of Blockbuster and Netflix.
3) Asset lifecycle and consumer trust: the case of the company I confounded at NASA -
About the speaker:
An entrepreneur with a track record of conceiving and executing disruptive ideas across the Government, startup and corporate spheres.
Yonatan established the role of CTO for the President of Israel and subsequently served in that position for 3 years. While serving under President Peres, Adiri was sent to the NASA/Google training program, Singularity University, where he co-founded the car-sharing Dubbed "The AirBnB of Cars", Getaround allows people to rent out their parked car. The company won the world's most prestigious startup award (TechCrunch Disrupt 2011) and recently closed a Series B of $13.9M by leading Silicon Valley investors such as Eric Schmidt, Marisa Meyer and Crunch fund.
Adiri then proceeded to focus on global strategic initiatives at Better Place Inc., managing a global group of experts in establishing Better Place Netherlands.
In 2012, Yonatan was recognized by the World Economic Forum as the youngest member of its prestigious Young Global Leader Group.
Today, Yonatan and his team at DisruptionLabs are focused on the digital healthcare space.