• AR TLV #10- DIY Smart-Glasses! AI meet remote AR and Play Live XR sports (Hado)!

    IMPORTANT: PLEASE ALSO REGISTER VIA EVENTBRITE Microsoft, our event host for this Meetup, will check-in all attendees at the front desk for security purposes. If you plan to attend, PLEASE REGISTER NOW via the Eventbrite link below to add your name to our Meetup’s security check-in list: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ar-tlv-10-diy-smart-glasses-ai-meets-remote-ar-and-play-live-xr-sports-tickets-63006716786 Look forward to seeing you soon! ================================================================== * This event will be held in English. ◘ AGENDA: (tentative) 6:30PM - Meet and Greet: Connect With Our Community 6:50PM - State of AR Industry Briefing, with Omri Stein 7:00PM - Smart Glasses For The People: How you can make your own smart glasses and the future of the industry, with Jonathan Schipper 7:30PM - TechSee: Using Augmented Reality For Remote Assistance, with Ronen Rozenberg 8:00PM - Shout Out and Announcements 8:10PM - Participate in Live XR Sports: Try yourself the XR sport that is taking over the world, with Hado Israel ◘ TALK AND SPEAKER DETAILS: Smart Glasses For The People - Learn and experience the smart glasses Jon assembled himself! from 3D printed parts and lens and sensors. Designed by the North Star initiative to democratized AR smart glasses. Jonathan Schipper - Co-Founder and VP Product of Gemsense, a powerful, wearable and compact computer with BLE connectivity that allows users to freely and comfortably interact with digital platforms. Their SDK enables developers to quickly and easily create a broad range of wearable technologies. Johnny is a frequent industry speaker, wearable tech & IoT community organizer and evangelist who’s fascinated with exploring the limits between body, tech and our surroundings. TechSee: Using Augmented Reality For Remote Assistance - Today’s chatbots offer companies a compelling way to engage and support their customers. The value is clear to businesses, but chatbots are too limited for consumers to adopt them. In this session, Ronen will discuss how, by providing Bots eyes and hands, the chatbots are not held back to bring great value to businesses and consumers alike. Bots eyes - based on customer visual data and computer-vision AI engines Bots hands - Augmented reality instructions. Ronen Rozenberg - CTO at TechSee, an innovative AI company that empowers customer service teams and end customers to advance from the current state of customer service by providing interactive visual guidance at every step of their journey. Prior to TechSee Ronen was the Co-Founder and CTO of Astralink, which revolutionized the construction industry with AR technologies. Ronen holds an M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from TU-Germany and two B.Sc.s in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering from BGU. Participate in Live XR Sports - Experience for yourself the amazing Hado sport: https://www.facebook.com/2148007362188183/posts/2267452213577030/ After the talks we will transform the venue into a playground where you will put on your Hado AR helmet and throw energy balls at each others! Try it yourself as a part of a team of 3 people vs another team of 3 players. Nir Regev - Co-founder of Hado Israel and the entrepreneur that set forward to bring to Israel the sport league of the future, truly merging the physical and digital together. Oh and he is a handsome devil. ◘ A SHOUT OUT TO THE COMMUNITY We’re here for you to get the insider knowledge, exposure and feedback you need for your AR companies and projects to be unstoppable. So… • if you’d like to demo your project (we hope you do) please reach out so we can plan ahead of the event and get the community’s full attention and support, and… • if you’ve got a topic, speaker or company you’d like us to cover or invite, reach out now... Please send a message to Omri and Andrea -- they’ll be happy to hear from you. See you at the next event!

  • XR-Consciousness: How XR Could Rewrite Human Psychology

    Microsoft Reactor Tel Aviv

    XR-CONSCIOUSNESS: HOW XR COULD REWRITE HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY Find out how the latest XR brain-science research could enhance your XR projects... Popular sci-fi series like “Black Mirror” plumb the depths of technology and its murky, paranoid effects on vulnerable human psyches. We’re already hotly debating the psychological implications of social media and mobile. Imagine when these technologies are considered primitive. Imagine when our physical and mental reality meshes with XR techno-reality... Join us as we journey into the not-so-distant future and explore the immediately practical and far-out implications of XR on our perception of ourselves and the world. How can our current projects benefit from the latest brain-science research? Will we ever achieve XR-consciousness? And how could XR change what it means to be human? * This event will be held in English. ◘ AGENDA: (tentative) 6:30PM - Meet and Greet: Connect With Our Community 7:00PM - State of AR Industry Briefing 7:15PM - XR-Consciousness: How XR Could Rewrite Human Psychology, with Rotem Bennet 8:45PM - Shout Out and Announcements ◘ TALK AND SPEAKER DETAILS: Rotem Bennet - XR-Consciousness: How XR Could Rewrite Human Psychology We’ll explore the fascinating connections between body, mind and technology and how the latest cutting-edge brain-science research could impact your XR projects. You’ll discover what brain researchers mean by the body-mind “continuum” and understand new concepts like illusory embodiment, sensorimotor control loops, physical and virtual self-extension, and other highly relevant phenomena. It could be argued that XR will rewrite the very notion of "reality", "body", "self", and even human "thought". Rotem has extensive industry and academic experience mixing computer-science, psychology and neuro-cognitive research. At Microsoft Research Labs he helped incubate Microsoft's Hololens MR project and several other virtual-interaction ventures. Currently he’s a postdoctoral fellow in the brain-research lab of Prof. Simone Shamay-Tsoory at Haifa University. Prior he specialized in VR-based PhD research at the Technion's Virtual-Reality & Neuro-cognition lab with Prof. Miriam Reiner. ◘ A SHOUT OUT TO THE COMMUNITY ( Yes, that means you… ) We’re here for you to get the insider knowledge, exposure and feedback you need for your AR companies and projects to be unstoppable. So… • if you’d like to demo your project (we hope you do) please reach out so we can plan ahead of the event and get the community’s full attention and support, and… • if you’ve got a topic, speaker or company you’d like us to cover or invite, reach out now... Please Private Meetup Message Omri and Andrea -- they’ll be happy to hear from you. See you at the next event!

  • Snapchat Lens Creators and Augmented Reality Success

    Needs a location

    Successes in AR: Snapchat This will be a panel discussion moderated by Ray Mosco. Ray Mosco is a former Facebook employee working under the Oculus VR division. Currently, he is CEO of General Immersive. He will interview the panelist about how to use Augmented Reality for video content through Snapchat Lenses. Panelist include: Frank Shi Frank Shi is Co-Founder of Paper Triangles. Paper Triangles is a company focused on influencer marketing leveraged with the use of Augmented Reality. He is an official Snapchat Lenses Creator and will discuss the use of Snapchat Lenses for making AR mainstream and for marketing purposes. Michel Nicoll Michell Nicoll is an official Snapchat Lenses Creator based in LA. More details pending

  • DevOpsDays Tel Aviv 2018

    Pavilion 10, Tel Aviv Convention Center

    DevOpsDays Tel Aviv is the foremost DevOps conference in Israel. Join hundreds of the top Devs and Ops from Israel and abroad for another excellent two-day conference December 18-19 at the Tel Aviv Convention Center! Keynotes include: - Jono Bacon, Leading Community Consultant (previously Github, Canonical, etc) - Adi Shacham-Shavit, VP R&D @ Lemonade - Amir Shevat, VP Developer Experience @ Twitch - Stephen Nelson-Smith, DevOps Pioneer and Technical Delivery Coach @ Ticketmaster International Talks and workshops from great engineers and speakers, including: - Sasha Rosenbaum, Azure Global Black Belt for DevOps @ Microsoft - Ken Mugrage, DevOpsDays Core Organizer and CD & DevOps Teacher @ ThoughtWorks - Elena Levi, Product Manager @ Panoply - Avi Shitrit, Cloud Platform Solution Engineer Manager @ Google - Karen Cohen, Product Architect and Engineering Manager @ Wix - Nitzan Shapira, Co-Founder and CEO @ Epsagon Register to join at https://www.devopsdays.org/events/2018-tel-aviv/registration Complete Agenda: https://www.devopsdays.org/events/2018-tel-aviv/program/ See you all there!

  • NEXT BLOCK Conference (Discounted Tickets)

    Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE)

    Hi All, We have secured a massive discount of 35% for Community Members using the promo code: PromoMEETUP35 In short, the Conference will include: - 3 keynote speeches by Alex Mashinsky (Celsius Network), David Weild IV (NASDAQ), and Asher Idan (Global DLT Expert) - 4-panel discussions with 25+ international speakers - expo zone - startups pitch session - FashionTV Party by NEXT BLOCK at FashionBar! Your tickets are waiting at next-block-telaviv.ticketforevent.com ----- More about the event: NEXT BLOCK is one of the leading blockchain conferences in Eastern Europe, bringing together top technology executives, top-tier investors, promising blockchain ventures and industry visionaries from around the world for business and networking. We pride ourselves in delivering a premium experience focused on education, engagement, networking, exposure, and opportunities for growth. After a hugely successful first edition in Kyiv, Ukraine, which was followed up by an exclusive after-party co-organized by Fashion TV, NEXT BLOCK is now coming to Tel Aviv, Israel, on December 12, 2018. Why NEXT BLOCK? Engaging panel discussions, fireside chats and presentations ICO Quickfire Pitch Session Exhibition Zone: Blockchain ventures, ICOs, and other exhibitors present the latest products, explore opportunities and build new partnerships Side Events & Parties: VIP pre-party dinner with speakers and investors only, followed up with an epic after-party and more. 400+ attendees 25+ top speakers Exceptional networking 20mln+ media reach 500k+ social media reach Live online streaming

  • Cloud Native Day Tel Aviv 2018

    Pavilion 10, Tel Aviv Convention Center

    Join us at the Tel Aviv Convention Center for the first Cloud Native Day conference in Israel! Join hundreds of developers, cloud architects, and network architects for a journey that will take you through to the future of cloud native technologies. Our stellar list of speakers includes: • Rona Segev, Founding Partner, TLV Partners • Nati Shalom, Founder & CTO, Cloudify • Livnat Pe'er, Global Cloud Infra Mgr, Red Hat • Eden Rozin, CPO Product Mgmt, AT&T Labs • Mike Morain - Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS • Moshe Sambol - Cloud Customer Engineering Manager, Google • Yshay Yaacobi - Principle Engineer and Tech Lead, Soluto • Dima Stopel, CTO & Co-Founder, Twistlock • Orit Yaron, VP Cloud Platform, Outbrain • Shannon Hogue Brown, Sr. Director of Growth, Epsagon • Ory Segal, Co-Founder and CTO, PureSec • Luc-Yves Pagal Vinette, SDN/NFV Strategy, Kontron • Tal Neeman, Developer Advocate, IBM • Erez Cohen, VP CloudX & AI Programs, Mellanox GET YOUR TICKET HERE: https://www.cloudnativeisrael.com/tickets ***There is a special 15% discount on ticket for Israel High-Tech and Innovation members using the code: ILHT15 The full day of talks will cover a very wide range of topics, including: - Kubernetes - Serverless - DevOps - Machine learning - Multi-Cloud - Edge computing - OpenStack and lots more SEE THE AGENDA: https://www.cloudnativeisrael.com/tickets We look forward to seeing you there!

  • Magic Leap One and Meet AR Startups

    Microsoft StartHub

    Starting by hearing Arie Croitoru, an expert developer for AR/VR and the founder of Israel's Unreal Engine group, shares his experience with Magic Leap One, the new talked about headset for augmented reality, and about developing for it on Unreal Engine. Following up with a series of interesting talks from new emerging Israeli AR startups and projects and their vision to change the world. Finally Oren Shneorson, of AWE Israel will share more details about the most important Israeli AR conference to date and some exciting news. *This event will be held in English. Agenda: 6:00PM - Meet and Greet: Connect With Our Community 6:40PM - State of AR Industry Briefing 6:50PM - AWE Israel (8th Nov.), with Oren Shneorson 7:00PM - Magic Leap One First Impressions And Developing For It On Unreal Engine, with Arie Croitoru 7:45PM - Break + Real-World Hang Out and Chill Time 8:00PM - RestAR: From Physical Products To AR, Why And How?, with Bar Saraf 8:20PM - How To Illustrate AR Practical Use Cases, with Avraham Raskin 8:30PM - Stops: Geo-Based Aggregation & Crowdsourcing Of Quality Content For The World Of AR, with Eitan Chamberlin 8:50PM - Shout Out and Announcements Talks and Speakers details: Oren Shneorson - AWE Israel: The most important International AR/VR conference to come to Israel for the first time is almost upon us. I will share details of the event, what to expect and how and why you should engage the international community of AR/VR companies and investors that will attend the conference. Bio: A veteran entrepreneur of Silicon Valley that immersed into the AR/VR industry for the last years, now back in Israel he is aiming to make Israel into a powerhouse for the new age of AR/VR. Arie Croitoru - ML1 And Unreal: The talk will be about ML1 impressions - the device itself, tracking, software interface etc.If time allows i'll show how to get started with developing for ML with Unreal. Bio: Coming from a background of 2D and 3D design I started using Unreal Engine in 2014. I have created the TLV Unreal Engine Meetup in 2016 and have been leading the Unreal community in Israel since then. My company Virtu VR Design offer real time and VR experiences for architecture, film, games, simulation and basically any enterprise app. Bar Saraf - RestAR: RestAR has developed a unique solution which makes it possible to scan objects at an exceptional quality using only your existing phone, hear about how they do that and the use case they are exploring in the food industry. Bio: The Co-Founder and CEO of RestAR. Former VP Products at Tradeo (acquired) and RapidAPI. Former CEO and Founder at Inviter (got 20% of the IL market in bootstrapping). Former network security team leader in the IDF. Avraham Raskin - AR Practical Use Cases: You've either heard of Pokemon Go or Iron Man, and you look at both of them and think 'What has this got to do with me... this stuff is for kids.. or billionaire techies'. How can we illustrate and excite people about the real practical possibilities enabled by AR? Bio: Avraham worked in AR for a couple years, first on designing the interface for AR glasses at Meta. Than worked on Augmented Sound, one of the 'as-yet unbuilt' branches of Augmented Reality, and now working back with Augmented Vision, creating and exciting people as to the real possibility for this new paradigm. Eitan Chamberlin - Stops: Stops is currently rolling out AR-ready apps that provide unique geo-based creation and collaboration tools for travelers and their providers, all the while harvesting and aggregating trillions of highly-accurate, geo-based facts for everyone around the globe to enjoy. Bio: The CEO & Founder of Stops.com. Eitan has spent the past 12 years of his 25-year entrepreneurial career in the travel industry running his own travel company Samson Tours. Where he has seen this mega industry's pains from all sides. Looking forward to see you all and Shana Tova!