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Have you ever wondered what happens after we die? Do our consciousness, personalities and memories continue? Do we continue to learn and grow? Are there schools in the spirit realm to help us grow? What does it feel like to leave our bodies when they expire? Do we reincarnate into another body? Do we have to reincarnate? If we reincarnate into another body, who selects the bodies and how are they selected? And where do we go and what do we do before we reincarnate? For how long? Do we all go to the same places and do the same things before we reincarnate? How can we best prepare for this “dead” state that is in-between the expiration of the body and reincarnation?

In this meetup, we are going to cover these questions and many mysterious and often highly controversial topics like these. You will learn and discuss about the discoveries on these topics made by the famous past life regressionist and hypnotist, Dolores Cannon (http://dolorescannon.com). During her almost 50 years career, she had hypnotized hundreds and hundreds of subjects, across all ages, religions and ethnic backgrounds. The information about afterlife obtained from them were astounding because they were all saying the same things despite their diverse backgrounds and the fact that they did not know each other.

I will also cover Dolores Cannon’s amazing Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique which had enabled her to make these amazing discoveries, facilitate healing on her subjects’ physical bodies and emotional wounds, get answers to soul searching questions, and much more.

If you are interested in learning about afterlife or would like to prepare yourself or a loved one for afterlife and continued spiritual growth afterlife, this meetup for you.

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