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Anyone can be a philosopher, yet some of us are hidden in other types of professions and walks of life. ALL ideas matter. ALL perspectives are valuable.

Join us in engaging with philosophical ideas and debate in a casual, inclusive environment. All people and ideas are welcome. The only rule is respect for one another and their ideas. Although philosophy is often viewed as being stuck inside the minds and buildings of academia, no prior philosophy experience or training necessary (but trained philosophers are welcomed!).

I started this group in hopes of gaining an outlet for philosophical discourse with those who seek to argue for the sake of challenging the way we think, and learning from diverse opinions.

Two initial goals come to mind for this group: to create a space where philosophy is democratized, and to spread the ethos of open discourse and disagreement in a positive, inclusive manner.

A tiny bit about me...I am a local college student who is studying psychology and philosophy. Philosophy of mind is of special interest to me. Please feel free to share your special interests or ideas for discussion in the forum below :) . I look forward to meeting hidden philosophers in the area.

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Human Nature

Panera Bread

Suggested topic, Human Nature , what is it?
But , as usual , almost anything goes.
Panera Bread in Hadley , next to Barnes and Noble.

Human nature: Six things we all do:

SKILLS. Human nature: Being playful. ...
KNOWLEDGE. Human nature: Being scientific. ...
BEHAVIOUR. Human nature: Being legislative. ...
FEEDING. Human nature: Being epicurean. ...
SEX. Human nature: Being clandestine. ...
COMMUNICATION. Human nature: Being gossipy.

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