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This is a social group for people who consider themselves to have a higher than average level of empathy. I've found it difficult to meet people like me over the years and, as much as I enjoy the company of a wide variety of people, it would great to gather some like-minds together.

If you want to test yourself there's a Cambridge University test here:
( https://psychology-tools.com/test/empathy-quotient )

And what your score means is at the bottom of this page: https://www.theguardian.com/life/table/0,,9... (https://www.theguardian.com/life/table/0,,937442,00.html)

As well as being primarily a social group, we will consider ways in which we can use our collective perspective on life to help others. Personally speaking, I would also like us to consider a possible link between those with high levels of empathy and those on the autism spectrum. For example, one link may be related to problems which involve social interaction. And I would like to ask if there has been a general loss of empathy in society in favour of harsh, uncompromising attitudes. I also welcome your personal experiences and opinions on any issues you want to raise.

Perhaps you'll agree with me that empathy is just one aspect of personality, and it doesn't automatically make you a good - or indeed a bad - person. Individual complexities mean that we all have blind spots; and freedom, self-expression and self-exploration allow for wholeness and an enlivened feeling! We're here to enjoy ourselves not present ourselves as good or righteous - many people simply don't understand that.

It seems to me that the spotlight of inadequacy has never been more intense, which is one reason why it's hard to escape the guilt and shame-mongering of others as they seek to deflect attention away from themselves. This group can give you a break from all that for a while :) Self-understanding, not blaming; but also self-empowerment, not meekness.

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