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Calling all Business decision-makers, C-level executives (from smaller companies), Delivery managers, Product owners, and Tech recruiters.

* Do you have challenges regarding the quality of the outcome of the teams, and are you looking for best practices and concrete ways to enhance quality?

* Do you have challenges with legacy software such as compatibility, support, and finding skilled people that are right for your business?

* Do you have challenges creating business value with distributed/offshore teams, and are you looking for ways to involve the teams as local colleagues?

* Do you have challenges in recruiting and maintaining your teams, taking the high attrition in mind, and do you want to learn practical ways to improve your team's composition process?

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Webinar: Continuous Application Modernization

Online event

Discover how to modernize your Legacy Software without Risk!

About the webinar:
Exploring an approach to modernizing legacy applications & leveraging their untapped digital value in a Risk-Free, Cost-effective, Timely, and Controlled way.

This webinar is especially for you when you’ve experienced the following challenges with legacy applications :

- Value delivery is slow - Scaling or adding new features to legacy applications is time and effort consuming, hence cannot go faster to market.

- Low team motivation (Lack of Innovation) – With Technology advancements happening at record speed, the IT workforce looks for innovative technical solutions  and keeping them working on legacy applications results in low productivity which directly hits business growth.

-Technology Support – With new technologies helping businesses solve complex problems faster with more efficiency, support for a legacy software framework, infrastructure, open-source community wanes over a period resulting in application nearing its death bed.

-Piling Technical Debt (Not maintainable) – Due to the limitation of legacy applications, inefficient workarounds to meet the business requirement add to ever-growing technical debt, making the application un-maintainable over a period.

Leverage our Risk-Free approach and discover how to Modernize Legacy Software in 2022!

Key Takeaways you can Expect:

-A vital strategy that professionals should adopt to continuously innovate and to make sure his/her application stays relevant in the market.

-Sprint setup: one of the ways to innovate is to allocate 10-15% of the time every development iteration (Sprint) for the modernization of a part of the application.

-How to plan small increments of application modernization spread over a long period result in transforming into state-of-the-art applications.

-A proactive way of ensuring that the business is 2 steps ahead of the competition.

-Method for enabling stakeholders to venture/expand the business to various geo-locations, diversify the usage of the application by enabling multi-device compatibility.

-How to foster an innovation culture in the team, keeping the team motivated and upskilled.

-Discover how to create a prioritized roadmap towards leadership performance!

Target audience:
Are you Head of Software Development, CTO or VP of product development, Product- Owner/Manager involved in the IT heart of your organization? Is your organization held back due to your application from pursuing the boldest goals you’ve identified? Is the ROI of your applications on a declining trajectory despite the demand? Do your applications offer a sub-par user experience against your industry peers?

Lack of timely attention to legacy or unclear strategy gradually gives rise to building workarounds or wrappers on top of legacy systems. Leading to an increase in the complexity and the dependencies even further, putting you in a far worse position than where you started.

We invite you to invest just 60 minutes of your time, allowing you to discover our approach, interact with our experts and make an impact within your organisation.

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Webinar: The Enterprise DevOps Assessment

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