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As you probably know, there aren't many (or any) LGBTQA+ spaces in High Point so I figured I would start a Meetup group for people of ALL gender identities, gender expressions and sexual orientations- this group is for EVERYONE in the Lgbtqa+ community! This also includes married couples, parents and people of all ages! This group does not accept or tolerate transphobia, biphobia, panphobia, or any discrimination of any kind. All Lgbtqa+ people are welcome!

With that in mind this group serves as a safe space for LGBTQA+ people. If you are in the group and uncomfortable with another member or have any concerns please notify me immediately.

In this group we can gather at local coffee shops, restaurants, art galleries, etc. to socialize and get to know fellow people in the area! If you're of the LGBTQA+ community and looking for a safe space with support, friendship, socializing, picnics, fun game nights, dining out, this is the group for you! If you're interested or have ideas of activities or events join today and let's get the conversation started!

** Reminder ** Please do not RSVP "going" to a meetup if you cannot attend! Especially meetups that involve reservations or restaurants. If you find out last minute you can't come just RSVP "not going" Thanks!

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