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[Saturday Hike] Lake Moodie -- Winter Festival of Lights

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[Note: This is a Saturday Hike]
[Note: Late return]

Trail: Lake Moodie -- Winter Festival of Lights
Hike Leader: Bill Baird

Google Map:

Meet at trailhead: 12 noon
Hiking Distance: ~14.3 km
Difficulty Level ( 2
Pace: 3~4 km/hr
Notes: This is a multi-activity event. We will be hiking, wine tasting, dining, and going to the Winter Festival of Light. The hike is rated intermediate, it is about 14.3 kilometers long, mostly flat, probably with some wet sections.
After the hike, with time permitting, we can go shopping or wine tasting. After dinner... we will go see the Winter Festival of Lights at Niagara Falls.
Dinner suggestions: Zappi's Pizza, or the gluttonous Fallsview buffet, or...
Since we will be wandering around Niagara Falls after dark in November, please wear warm clothing. It might be an idea to bring or wear your skiing long underwear.
We will leave the Niagara region around 8:00~9:00 pm. Be prepared for a late arrival in Toronto.

ps. you might want to shut off your smartphone data service before arriving in Niagara, in case you get charged for international roaming.


Please check our schedule for updates:

For carpooling, please read

As usual, we meet 10 am at York Mills Subway Station to organize carpooling.(Old York Mills Rd Passenger Pick-up and Drop-off Point).

We always have more drivers than passengers; you don't have to reserve a seat ahead of time, just show up before 10 am and we will arrange one on the spot.


Please post a message on how many passengers you can take. Please state if you plan on staying for the Winter Festival of Light.


The trip distance is ~260 km return. The estimated carpool cost is $60 per car. (Some cars might cost more, some less). Please prepare exact change. In the past we had passengers who did not bring small bills, which made an awkward situation for everybody.

If you are organizing a west end carpool on your own, we suggest Kipling Station as a meeting point because it is close to the highway and has passenger pick up parking. Because of the distance of this trip, please make a commitment before offering or asking for a ride. The usual common sense and personal safety precaution is advised; please note that people offering/requesting rides might not be members of our club.


We meet at the trailhead around noon.
We stop for lunch at around 1:30pm (pack your own).
We should finish the hike around 3:00pm to 4:00pm.

The temperature might be cooler, but you will perspire the same. Remember to bring extra water, hat, scarf, mittens, sun block, bug spray, walking stick, and of course, your camera.

Useful Links

What to bring:
Hiking Etiquette
Rating Hikes:

Additional note

If you must rush back to Toronto after the hike, please make it known at carpool time, so that we can group the drivers and passengers together.

Our membership form is up on the internet ( You can print it off and either mail it in, or bring it to the hike.

Hiking is a dangerous activity; each participant agrees to assume his/her own risks. If you are new to hiking, please start with a Level 1 ( hike. Hike leader's decision is final.

See you on the trail.

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