"Higher Vibrations - a Healing Choir"

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Every week on Monday, Thursday

Price: $10.00 /per person
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Our meetings are held at the home of HG Moses and Laura Hungerford. ​We welcome you to join us on Monday evenings from 6:30-8:30 PM​ ​at 730 E. Rowlands Lane. Phoenix, AZ 85022. We are one block north of the Moon Valley Nursery, east of 7th Street. ​There is ample parking on the street. Follow the sidewalk under the sail shades. You may walk in or ring the bell. ​

Our attendance ​on Monday ​ranges from ​15-20​ people. Our Thursday meeting is new and has a more intimate attendance. ​Thank you for keeping this a fragrance free zone.

This MeetUp is sponsored by The Institute of Harmonic Science. ​
A ​$10 donation ​is suggested.
Cash, checks, Paypal: [masked]

Higher Vibrations is an active growing community of people who sing together for healing and transformation. ​ We use our voice​s​ to ​create heightened states of spiritual connection, joy​, peace, tranquility and healing. Our music is uplifting, spiritual, and features lyrics which reference Love, Harmony, Energy, Destiny, Purpose, ​Vibration, Frequency, Physics and the ​beauty of our Cosmos​. Our director often shares scientific information and the spiritual concepts related to the words we sing.

Our lyrics are non-sectarian, and non-denominational​. All loving faith traditions are welcome.​ ​Meetup members are welcome to bring friends.

This is an unconventional singing experience. ​We are an improvisational choir​ and encourage you to find your own voice. ​We make up our own harmony parts as ​we experiment, explore and blend​.​ W​e have a great time ​joyfully ​singing​ together. We experience a sen​se of ​friendship, connection​ and oneness.​

Our music is designed to make it simple to sing ​together in Harmony. Our song book i​s an​ ever growing collection of sheet music​ and printed lyrics​ composed by HG Moses. ​His ​masterful ​piano accompaniment​s​​ set​ the mood​ and ​establish the notes ​to follow as we sing and improvise. His music features resonant, warm, and beautiful​ ​chords which support a meaningful shared ​musical experience​.

​We provide a safe and nurturing space to let go of the cares of the world through sound and vibration. We welcome anyone who loves to sing, regardless of ​previous experience in a choir. ​(And if you happen to believe you can't sing, this is a perfect setting in which to discover you can.​)​

No music reading skills are required, however if you can read music, you will enjoy the rich chords and close harmonies ​that ​provide a wonderful launching for your ​own ​creative expression. As one participant shared, "I sing in a symphony choir regularly. However this music ​brings me ​the joy of singing what I want to sing​​. It feels wonderful!"